Blame Your Mother For Your Old Age
September 2, 2013

Blame Your Mother For Your Old Age

So, if you didn’t know, the reason that biological life forms age over time is due to extensive damage to our DNA strands, the result of which slowly causes tissue deterioration until the organs completely break down. When you’ve heard about an elderly person passing away from ‘Natural Causes,’ those causes usually pertain to complications from old age.

Growing old with the love of your life is a luxury rarely afforded to the sick and weary, and only a tad bit more likely for those of us who come prepared to the doctor’s office. But what you can’t seem to prevent, no matter how hard you exercise, is the rate at which you age by maternal genetics. As it turns out, those maternal genetics come down to the mitochondrion DNA inside of your cells. Because the mitochondrion DNA mutates at a different pace than the DNA inside of your nucleus, the cell loses energy rather quickly.

The mitochondrion is the power plant of the cell, providing energy and ATP for the cell to continue to go about its productive day. From a report published by redOrbit’s own April Flowers, the Karolinska Institute and the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging has discovered that most of this damage occurs with the mitochondrion, which can be thought of as the power source for the cell. Without a properly working mitochondrion, the cell will gradually lose its energy level and deteriorate over time.

But, instead of a progressive deterioration (like the examples that we see in Erosion), you would instead see a gradual transition in form and capability.

When the mitochondrion is damaged, well, you’ve seen it many times.

Black hair turns white, and smooth milky skin wrinkles and brittles as your genitals sag to depressingly low levels, along with your hope for life. You begin hating young people, and everyday seems quicker — like the world has forgotten that you exist.

Being old can suck sometimes.

This study is showing us for the first time critical evidence that our current aging process is attributed to our mother’s genetic makeup, but that’s not the first time your dear old mom gave you a few biological pointers. It also shows us that the mitochondrion damage inside our cells happens to come from a cross mutation from our mothers. The best way to understand that process is by understanding the breeding of dogs.

Dogs have been crossed bred between millions of different variants of their species for thousands of years now. This plagues dogs because their bodies have been genetically tampered within thousands of different directions, confusing their DNA from ever evolving again. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered from examining them. What’s your theory?

Image Credit: Gladskikh Tatiana / Shutterstock

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