December 14, 2012

Botox Can Treat Incontinence

A ton of people the world over – especially women – suffer from urinary incontinence. Unfortunately, the effects of this particular condition can be very debilitating for those who suffer from them, and the problem is that it shows up without warning and comes with a ton of anxiety to boot. Well, it has now been discovered in this video that urinary incontinence can be treated with the utmost ease.

Women tend to have more trouble with urinary incontinence than men because of the method by which they urinate. Some women who suffer from this condition have it so bad sometimes that they refuse to go to places unless they are sure that there is a restroom there. Then there are women who can’t even exercise anymore because they end up leaking when they do. Because of all of these consequences to the condition, it really is no wonder why some women also get depressed because of incontinence.

Millions of women the world over suffer from a leaky bladder, though. In fact, up to 30% of middle-aged women report some form of incontinence at one point in their lives.

There are some women out there who can treat their incontinence with medication and physical therapy. However, other women try out all sorts of treatments but to no avail. Fortunately, several trials have been made as of late to treat incontinence in a different manner. One such trial has been held by Doctor Vivienne Sung.

Basically, the trail randomizes women into one of two treatments. One is the inter-sim, which refers to a device that is implanted to modulate the nerves to the bladder. This particular treatment is currently being compared to another treatment, though – one that is usually used for wrinkle treatment: botox.

Apparently, botox can help paralyze the muscle and, in turn, prevent contractions from happening when the bladder isn’t supposed to contract.

Women who have undergone this bottom treatment for months now have showcased positive results, wherein they are now able to exercise again and live their lives as normally as possible.

This just goes to show that the botox treatment is definitely effective in treating incontinence. Regardless of which treatment a woman decides to go through, though, the important thing is that she gets the treatment that is the most effective and the most convenient one for her and her personal needs and preferences. The good news is that there are now more options available to those in need for this particular kind of treatment.

Duke researchers have also gotten a study funded by the National Institute of Health recently, where they compared botox with other anticholinergic drugs and oral medication usually used for urinary incontinence treatment. So far, botox has proven to be twice as effective as oral medication when it comes to completely getting rid of urinary incontinence symptoms after six months.

Although it is true that medication is one of the treatment options available for urinary incontinence, oral drug simply do not work for everybody. Plus, they tend to come with various side effects. So, if anyone would want to find an alternative to this solution, botox would be a great and effective one to look into.

Believe it or not, botox has been used to treat incontinence for at least a decade now – and this makes perfect sense. After all, botox tends to stop chemicals from getting released, so that contractions are prevented wherever the nerves interact with the bladder’s muscles. This reduces incontinence overall.

To complete this study, trials were done on around 250 women in their fifties who all had urinary incontinence. These women were separated into two different groups. Group number one got their bladders injected with botox, while group number two got to drink anticholinergic medications. Six months later, it was proven that 27% of the women in group number one had completely lost all of their symptoms, while only 13% of the women in group number one had completely lost theirs.

These findings have definitely increased the treatment options for those who suffer from urinary incontinence. Although oral medications are quite common, they aren’t always the best choice for treatment. Plus, not everybody likes taking pills on a daily basis and they can become quite expensive, too. Therefore, it might be best for some patients to just get a botox injection for their overall urinary incontinence treatment.

Back in the day, botox was only ever prescribed to women after they tried out oral medications. Thanks the the success of the aforementioned studies, though, it seems that it can now be seen as a first line of treatment altogether, which means that it can now be prescribed without failing the oral medicine trail first. In other words, as long as you seem a good candidate for the treatment, you can now opt for botox right away. Think about it.

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