Brit Turned His Old Cassette Deck Into An iPod Dock...Five Years Ago
March 28, 2013

Brit Turned His Old Cassette Deck Into An iPod Dock…Five Years Ago

Like many my age, some of my earliest experiences with Apple products happened in the school library. One of the greatest things to happen to children in the early to mid 90s was to be told, “Today is computer lab day.” I’m not sure how it worked in other schools, but in my East Texas town, this meant, “You all get to play Oregon Trail.”

I didn’t come into my own as a full-blown Apple fan until the iPod mini and Click Wheel iPod were released in 2004.

Like most others, the notion that I could carry a significant amount of my music in one deck of a card-shaped device utterly astounded me.

It took me a while to finally save up some cash and buy my first iPod (perhaps if I spent less on CDs and instead put that money towards the iPod…), but I finally joined the party. In the years since my first iPod, I’ve owned four different generations of iPod, not including the iPod Touch. Which is to say, I love the iPod. The day Apple announces the death of the Classic is the day I buy two more just to ensure that I always have a working model in my house for the next 15-20 years. I still use my five-year old Classic on a near daily basis.

Ever since the iPhone and iPod Touch began eating the Classic’s lunch, I’ve tried to dream up clever use cases to keep these devices in my life at all times.

Yesterday, I saw the most perfect application of an iPod that has ever been created.

Reddit user “amemorableusername” has repurposed an old iPod and an old car audio cassette deck and turned it into something beautiful.

The best part about this mod is just how wonderfully simple it is.

Using an iPod in the car is hardly a new idea, yet most drivers have some sort of cord located in the glovebox, center console, or somewhere else out of the way. Many modern cars also have iPod integration built right in, meaning the iPod simply acts as a wired server and delivers music to the deck.

Amemorableusername, AKA HM231 on YouTube, wanted a more elegant solution and began tearing apart an old cassette player.

“I took apart the old standard head unit to turn the tape slot into an ipod slot – just by fixing the ipod cable in the right place. Cooler than reaching into the glovebox every time ;)” explains MH231 on their YouTube page.

The result? The iPod becomes the longest running cassette in history. Simply plug it in through the tape player, and the deck begins pulling music from it. Genius.

HM231 later said they used some velvet to keep the plastic door of the cassette player from scratching the iPod.

Ah, but it seems I’m late to every party. For just as I was a few years late to the iPod game (it seemed each one of my friends had already owned two by the time I bought my first one), I’m also many years late in discovering this video. HM231 uploaded this video in 2008, just a few months after I bought my most recent iPod Classic.

There’s also the fact that cassette decks are rapidly becoming extinct in modern automobiles.

After watching this video, however, I’m willing to make sure I can install a cassette deck in my next car. Heck, I’d even be fine with installing cassette deck just so I can have some clever way to listen to my iPod as I’m driving hither and yon.

Hats off to you, HM231. I know its late praise, but you win.

Image Credit: HM231

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