Bungie: Destiny puts the ‘Awe’ in Awesome
July 13, 2013

Bungie: Destiny Puts The ‘Awe’ In Awesome

In a recent PS blog for Sony’s upcoming PS4, Destiny community manager David Dague answered a few questions about Destiny’s upcoming release while also re-releasing the E3 2013 demo game-play footage of Destiny in action. Many of you remember Destiny from a year ago when Bungie, the original developer for Halo, let go of their franchise and changed the formula a bit.

For the longest time, all we’d been able to get out of them was “Destiny…coming soon”, and then, a Game Informer cover of Destiny’s ominous guardian hovering over the last human city was shown. From here, we could already tell that we were going back into more first person action with a little twist. No, you won’t be playing as the much coveted Master Chief as he travels across the universe with what little remains of humanity he still has in him. Instead, you’ll be traversing a couple hundred years into the future when humanity has been reduced to a single city on the planet Earth.

Foreign creatures and aliens have completely overrun the surface with madness and death, and it is up to you to defend the last of what humanity still has to muster.

David Dague managed to answer a few questions on the PS4’s specific handling of Destiny, to which he only remarked that “What we took to E3 were our super-secret dev kits. Those are the hardware tools we’re using to make the game”. This doesn’t really say much about the platforms ecosystem and the game. And then again, what else can you expect from a multiplatform game? Console fans love to see their favorite platforms blessed with multiplayer co-op games-and even more so when those co-op games are exclusive.

Destiny, however, is coming to both the Xbox One and PS4 later next year.

Dague also commented on the possibility of clan support in Destiny, saying that “Destiny places a deep emphasis on the social aspects of playing an online multiplayer game. While I can’t confirm clan support or the existence of clans at this time, I can tell you that I’ll be playing this game with a clan that I started on Bungie.net back in Halo 2”


Finally, Dague confirmed that Destiny will not utilize subscription fees, but did not confirm whether or not updates for the game will be charged. My money’s on the latter, but then again I wouldn’t need to put down money at all if he’d just answered the damn question. Details of Destiny’s development are still as tight as a crabs buttocks, but at least we can rejoice in Dague’s encouraging words on a great MMOFPS coming to both next gen consoles.

Hopefully we’ll here about a PC release in the near future.

Image Credit: Bungie

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