Bungie's Destiny
February 21, 2013

Bungie’s Destiny

You might know the name Bungie from the ten-year-long Halo franchise that spanned five Xbox exclusive games and a heap of action figures. The men and women behind the exploits of Master Chief and the entire USMC have long since disbanded from their original group. Now, the people at 343 Industries are pulling the reins of the Halo franchise.

When Bungie announced that they would be sailing away from Microsoft and Halo, fans of all ages of the franchise sunk into disarray, as we all wondered where Bungie might go. Bungie made highlights in the lives of millions of Halo fans, both old and young, to bring the rungs of the universe and its science fiction together in a clear and cohesive action experience ladder. On the long and entertaining journey up that ladder, we experienced intense emotional moments, as well as mind numbing vistas.

Where would Bungie going? Where would Halo go?

Luckily for them, Bungie garnered an amazing amount of support and popularity for their work on the franchise. Finally, after many years of waiting for a reveal, Bungie has revealed their newest creation: Destiny.

Bungie describes Destiny as an MMOFPS, or at least they don’t do a very good job at making us think otherwise. The description on the game implies that it is a drop-in/drop-out multiplayer free roam, with players able to team up and explore a world across different terrains. Destiny’s setting is 700 years in the future on a rusted version of the planet Earth, and humanity has been belittled to one last city. A gigantic sphere hovers above this city, and acts as a protector of the last populace of humanity from alien species.

Already I was pulled into the lore of this new game. Who, or rather what, is this sphere? Why do its’ duties involve protecting humans? Who sent the sphere here? Why hasn’t anyone been able to make contact with any possible pilots inside? My mind races at the possibilities. But what’s even more peculiar is that the sphere has supernatural abilities that it bestows on your character to fight enemies. We can’t begin to unravel the mystery, but my body is ready to go nuts with magic abilities!

Bungie says that Destiny will allow you to co-op with other players and control characters, called Guardians, across different classes: be it warlock, hunter, or titan.

The Titan is speculated to be the tank unit, with a moderate amount of armor and firepower that would make him a viable candidate for running and gunning with your friends. The Warlock class is where you want to be for magical abilities. A bit like the interpretation of a Vanguard in Mass Effect, the Warlock uses a series of magic and supernatural abilities to pull an advantage over his/her enemies. Finally, we have the Hunter class. Quite obviously this guy has to be suited for stealth-based gameplay, with certain images showcasing him with a sniper as well as a pistol.

Excitement and new experiences await us with Destiny; likely the most impressive is the open world bits that Bungie has teased. They describe the experiences from Destiny like it were a world that you actually have a choice in what you do, be it to get straight into the action or just watch a sunset. Jason Jones describes the player to player interaction by stating that “Every time you run into another player, it’s amazing”, which seems to point to Destiny shooting for a more interpersonal relationship with gamers and making friends.

This is a step up from their previous work with Halo Reach, which I believe suffered because of Microsoft’s tampering with party chat on Xbox live. Before the innovation, players were able to make countless friends across different matches of Halo 3: ideally giving strength to the community in terms of building great game nights on Fridays and weekends.

But the innovation of party chat either complicated player’s interaction with other players in game or destroyed it completely with privacy issues.

No news on a PC version has been released yet, although Bungie already has their eyes set on the Xbox and PS3 as well as next gen consoles.

Image Credit: Bungie

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