Candy Crush Saga Developer Going Public
June 25, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Developer Going Public

We get it people. You start from the bottom with nothing, throw a team of talented individuals together and bam! You have a worldwide hit game on your hands. Success in this market seems to come a dime a dozen; especially in today’s world of smartphones, tablets and the apps that brings souls to them.

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to take a big risk in starting up something and then finding huge success with what they have, but a question that most never think about is how to manage such success. One could start up different accounts to save the bank rolls or even sell the company for hundreds of thousands more than it is worth. But if you are Candy Crush Saga developer, King (which is a weird name for a developer, I might add), then the thought running through your Willy Wonka-like mind would be to go public (because the world needs the arrival of new games like Super Candy Fighter, Call of Candy and Candy Mario).

I will spare you the long introduction and explanation of what Candy Crush Saga is because I am sure that most of you know all too well, from the madly addicted to the mind-numbingly annoyed. The game has become one of the most played apps and social network games, which also brings in the most dough (if you hadn’t guessed it already).

According to VentureBeat  (which is a strange name for a tech site, but I can dig it), the developer is asking banks to (oops, I meant telling banks to) help them get ahold of their very own IPO. Hey, if you are trying to join the stock market, I don’t judge. It’s not like it crashes from time to time, right?

In theory, this seems like a great plan. But as you would’ve guessed, and as VentureBeat has pointed out , mobile app developers don’t really have the best of luck when it comes to things like this. Zynga (the makers of Farmville, Cityville, fartville etc.) had their coming out party to the stock market in 2011, but soon they fell flat on their faces. Why? Because they simply could not recreate the success of their first few games that they are known for.

This scenario doesn’t look to be much in the favor of King; but hey, I have a thing for underdogs, so I’m pulling for them. But, if they are taking such huge steps then rest assured that these guys have a game plan. They could probably make a few new games here and there so that they can then nickel and dime the world all the way to half a billion dollars in revenue to make their pockets even fatter, or maybe some other crazy concoction of some sort.

I bid you guys at King good luck with your business ventures, especially when the new Angry Birds hits the market. But it probably doesn’t bother them as long as those bank accounts still have 57 digits in each of them.

Is this really a smart business move to hit the market or should King just stay in the same place raking in all the dough by themselves?

Either way, it should be an entertaining year to come seeing this play out.

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