Carmageddon Takes Your Tablet for a Thrill Ride
May 10, 2013

Carmageddon Takes Your Tablet for a Thrill Ride

Call me a little twisted, but one of my favorite driving games (possibly of all time) is actually Carmageddon. Released in 1997, the game quickly became controversial for rewarding you for plowing down pedestrians, and even cows. When Carmageddon, from Stainless Games, comes out for Android on Google Play this week, it has the potential to become wildly popular, or a hot-button game that breeds controversy.

Carmageddon had decent graphics for its time, but never ventured too far into realism. The game’s premise of causing the most carnage and destruction earned it some criticism, and got it banned and censored in many countries. In some cases, the game didn’t have blood; or had green blood and robots so players weren’t plowing down other people.

With an Android version, the game has a higher potential to gain popularity. However, the game also has a high potential for controversy. It looks like the graphics are not much improved, and still appear arcade-like enough to make Carmageddon a fun escape.

Game characters include drivers Max Damage and Die Anna. Stainless Studios has built lots of personality for this pair on its site. In advance of the game, the studio released the Carmageddon Pratcam, which features images of these drivers with their crash helmets on. While Carmageddon has the drivers plowing over pedestrians and anything else that gets in the way, the Pratcam app lets you rough up the drivers.

The Android version looks like an arcade game, but is packed with features. Play against 28 dangerous opponents in eleven environments. A career mode features 36 levels to wreck any one of 30 playable cars. Steer the car with digital, analogue, tilt or a combination of the three. You can also edit the control layout so that you’re more comfortable controlling your death wagon. Carmageddon plays using a high resolution and offers widescreen device support on an Android phone or tablet. And, of course, the game has in-app purchases that unlock the cars and races before you get behind the wheel and earn them. Stainless Studios says that the game requires Android 2.3.4 or later to play.

Carmageddon will be released in the Google Play store for Android on Friday, and will be free for the first 24 hours it’s available. Sign up to get a reminder to take advantage of the free download and take part in some giveaways. Stainless Games will pick a few names at random to receive free t-shirts from the Carmageddon store. Three runners-up will get a free copy of Carmageddon.

The free-for-24-hours is a great way for Stainless Studios to build interest, re-enlist old players, and perhaps recruit new ones to the road of carnage. It will be interesting to see if the release goes with any fanfare, and whether Carmageddon will repeat old controversies and be banned in a handful of countries.

Image Credit: Stainless Studios

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