December 11, 2012

Casio Gshock: Smarter Than Your iPhone

The Casio G-shock, a sports watch that has gained quite a following over the years, has finally jumped into the smart tech era.

This is their latest iteration of the G-shock series, which is called GB6900AA, and it makes me look at mine with shame and embarrassment. First of all, this watch has Bluetooth 4.0 included! My G-shock can only tell time!

But let’s be honest here, who the hell needs Bluetooth on a watch anyway? And once more, who the hell carries a watch to tell time anyway? Oh Right… to decorate your arm and show people that you’re too busy to pull out your phone to tell time.

No but seriously I can dig it.

Aside from having a little arm candy, this little gadget can connect with your iPhone 5 or 4S to sync with email, messaging and other alerts of the like. Now why would you take the added time to adjust your eyes and read those little bitty bytes of text rather than pulling out your gorgeous iPhone 5 and lighting up that beautiful screen? Beats me, but you can do it, plus it would be a great conversation starter for a first date… um well ok, maybe not a clichéd conversation starter.

Also, the watch can alert you when you are too far away from your smartphone because, of course, they haven’t made the app where your phone boomerangs back to you when you call for it (get it together developers). So if you are one of those lucky few who like to abandon their iPhone because you were in the spur of the moment like leaving the house to pick up some quick groceries, jumping out of that one night stand’s apartment because her boyfriend was coming home, or simply forgot your phone at the cash register when paying for the goods with your hard-earned cash, don’t worry, at least your watch is looking out for you.

The next thing that I find interesting about this superwatch (you heard it here first people, if and when that term catches on I’ll have the copyrights ready) is the battery life. The G-shock watch can last up to two years when using Bluetooth at least twelve hours a day and God knows how long if you don’t use the Bluetooth features. I understand that this is a watch and all (okay maybe a superwatch) but that’s just not a battery life span that I am used to hearing, especially not in this day and age where my laptop can’t even go forty-five minutes without giving me a cautionary warning that my battery is going spaz out on me and, to make things worse, have the little battery icon turn red.

He used to be green and happy.

Did I mention this watch was waterproof?

But anyway, I’m sure this will be a great gift to give to those who seem to have all the cool things in the first place. Assuming that the person on your list or yourself already have an iPhone 5 or 4S and may already have a pretty great home computer system, this should serve as a great surprise as a gift idea by straying from the obvious and not handing a person their third iPhone, iPad or Android tablet.

Trust me, you don’t want to be that person.

The watch retails for about $180 and you can get it here.

Image Credit: Casio

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