Supply and Demand; Toiletpaper

Survival 101: Why you should stockpile toilet paper

If recent crises have taught us anything, it should be this: When the poop hits the fan, don’t get caught with your pants down—especially when it comes to toilet paper. Think about it: People tend to stockpile things like food and water, but we forget those everyday necessities like toilet paper or shampoo. Once your personal supplies run out, and stores run out, you’re stuck with using leaves in the summer (and printer paper in...

Photo of a couple holding hands.

Improve your relationships with the Five Love Languages

Most people want to have strong, loving, and fulfilling relationships, no matter the context. Many psychological and therapeutic practices focus on communication between partners and strengthening of interpersonal bonds. One concept to understand for improving relational bonds is called the "Five Love Languages". Gary Chapman's book of the same name often finds itself near other popular self-help books on the New York Times best sellers list. The Five Love Languages has impacted people of all walks...

Believe it or not, it's time to start loving German wine

Believe it or not, it’s time to start loving German wine

As far as I can remember, there was nothing about wine in the recent "Germany: Memories of a Nation" exhibition curated by Neil MacGregor at the British Museum. Understandably perhaps the show focused on higher—and abysmally lower—things. But German wine seems to me one of the finest and most typical fruits of German culture. When wine… (more…)

Poh the Dog Instagram shares terminally ill Dog's cross-country adventure

Poh the Dog Instagram shares terminally ill Dog’s cross-country adventure

Poh the Dog is an Empire State pooch with several tumors and kidney failure who was given only a few weeks to live. Owner Thomas Neil Rodriguez promised to make those weeks the best weeks of the beloved pet’s life. The 16 year old dog just capped off a seven-week adventure cross-country adventure, crossing dozens of… (more…)

Earn your college degree before you say 'I Do' to avoid obesity

Earn your college degree before you say ‘I do’ to avoid obesity

Wait until you’ve got a diploma in hand before you tie the knot with the other, or else you may wind up with a lifetime of obesity-related health issues. A study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior reveals marital timing is a key predictor for obesity. Researchers weighed and watched couples for 13… (more…)

Scientists have discovered the formula for lasting love - So why aren’t we listening?

Scientists have discovered the formula for lasting love – So why aren’t we listening?

My husband and I love by relationship science~or at least, we really, really try; it’s my job, taking scientific findings about l’amor and applying them to day-to-day living. But the truth is, everyone is affected by stuff relationship scientists have long known. Here are five proven dimensions of For Better. Have Great Sex Actually, if you’re married, science suggests you’re probably already following this one. In well-conducted studies, not only are married people more likely to be...

50 Memorial Day quotes

50 Memorial Day quotes

Memorial Day in America is more than a federal holiday that gives people a day off — it's a day dedicated to remembering the men and women who died serving in the United States Armed Forces. And while the citizens of America should be grateful every day to those who have sacrificed their lives for our… (more…)

Gadget lust: Spring round-up!

Gadget lust: Spring round-up!

Warmer weather is a cue from the cosmos to kick off the cobwebs, don the old Chuck Taylors and get your winter-weary tail-feathers a-twitching. Shoot hoops, squeeze in nine holes of rusty golf—hey, even a game of Scrabble qualifies as sport if your rack-to-board move is done with exceeding flair. As a lad, I only went… (more…)

Brain science shows people really can be drunk in love

Brain science shows people really can be drunk in love

No, you’re not crazy: Being in love and being drunk are actually pretty much the same thing — at least according to our brains. A recent study compared the physical effects of the hormone oxytocin and alcohol and found they had near identical effects on neurological behavior. The link between alcohol and love has always been… (more…)

Coffee may help men with erectile dysfunction perk up

Coffee may help men with erectile dysfunction perk up

As rates of overweight and obesity, and their resulting disorders, continue to rise in the U.S., chances are rates of erectile dysfunction will, too — sorry guys. Previous research has found these links to be pretty solid, especially among people with diabetes. Yet, even though these risks exist, there are steps a man can take to… (more…)