Man builds USS Missouri out of Lego

Remember being ten years old and seeing those Lego sets with that “ages 14 and up” designation? Remember seeing the finished Yoda sculpture or miniature Death Star and thinking, “Damn!” Then you grew up, and you were amazed by intense builds like Porsches half built from everyone’s favorite plastic building blocks. Well, prepare to be amazed once more by this amazing, scaled-down Lego replica of the USS Missouri. This 1:40 scale replica of the WWII vessel...


Woman lists diploma on eBay, calls it ‘unused’

Back in 1987, British singer-songwriter Billy Bragg sang: "Qualifications, once the golden rule - now just pieces of paper." Sadly, not much is different almost 30 years later. After a spell of turn-of-the-millennium prosperity, young people might be worse off than preceding generations-- even young people with college degrees. The changing buying power of college Students believe a college diploma is the key to success, and it’s worth going thousands of dollars into debt to obtain this...


This company will make a poptart-inspired beer

21st Amendment, a brewing company out of California, will produce a short run of a poptart-inspired beer to pay homage to its factory-- which used to be a Kellogg's plant. The beer will be called "Toaster Pastry", it will come in at 7.6% ABV and be offered in "tall-boy" 19.2 oz. cans. Toaster Pastry won't be as sweet as you'd expect, as it's an IPA, but there will probably be some sweetness hidden within this probably-bitter beer. [caption...


This bed set is the geologist’s dream

Do you know a geology buff? We found the perfect gift! This bed set from the Land of Nod depicts the different geological layers of the Earth in a cute and accessible way. Each layer is a different color and a different material—the attention to detail is great. The full set contains a quilt showcasing the various layers of the earth, a...

Supply and Demand; Toiletpaper

Survival 101: Why you should stockpile toilet paper

If recent crises have taught us anything, it should be this: When the poop hits the fan, don’t get caught with your pants down—especially when it comes to toilet paper. Think about it: People tend to stockpile things like food and water, but we forget those everyday necessities like toilet paper or shampoo. Once your personal supplies run out, and stores run out, you’re stuck with using leaves in the summer (and printer paper in...

Photo of a couple holding hands.

Improve your relationships with the Five Love Languages

Most people want to have strong, loving, and fulfilling relationships, no matter the context. Many psychological and therapeutic practices focus on communication between partners and strengthening of interpersonal bonds. One concept to understand for improving relational bonds is called the "Five Love Languages". Gary Chapman's book of the same name often finds itself near other popular self-help books on the New York Times best sellers list. The Five Love Languages has impacted people of all walks...

Believe it or not, it's time to start loving German wine

Believe it or not, it’s time to start loving German wine

As far as I can remember, there was nothing about wine in the recent "Germany: Memories of a Nation" exhibition curated by Neil MacGregor at the British Museum. Understandably perhaps the show focused on higher—and abysmally lower—things. But German wine seems to me one of the finest and most typical fruits of German culture. When wine… (more…)

Poh the Dog Instagram shares terminally ill Dog's cross-country adventure

Poh the Dog Instagram shares terminally ill Dog’s cross-country adventure

Poh the Dog is an Empire State pooch with several tumors and kidney failure who was given only a few weeks to live. Owner Thomas Neil Rodriguez promised to make those weeks the best weeks of the beloved pet’s life. The 16 year old dog just capped off a seven-week adventure cross-country adventure, crossing dozens of… (more…)

Earn your college degree before you say 'I Do' to avoid obesity

Earn your college degree before you say ‘I do’ to avoid obesity

Wait until you’ve got a diploma in hand before you tie the knot with the other, or else you may wind up with a lifetime of obesity-related health issues. A study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior reveals marital timing is a key predictor for obesity. Researchers weighed and watched couples for 13… (more…)

Scientists have discovered the formula for lasting love - So why aren’t we listening?

Scientists have discovered the formula for lasting love – So why aren’t we listening?

My husband and I love by relationship science~or at least, we really, really try; it’s my job, taking scientific findings about l’amor and applying them to day-to-day living. But the truth is, everyone is affected by stuff relationship scientists have long known. Here are five proven dimensions of For Better. Have Great Sex Actually, if you’re married, science suggests you’re probably already following this one. In well-conducted studies, not only are married people more likely to be...