Browse through 100,000 space images with NASA’s new gallery

Do you like space? Do you like pictures of space? Well now NASA has both for you in one place. NASA has a wealth of celestial photos from various telescopes, manned missions, and probes. The agency recently made it easier for the public to access NASA’s photography catalog by creating a centralized image gallery. This website combines over 70 NASA image galleries into a searchable database. There’s just about everything: Hubble images, images from the Apollo mission, and even...

An image of a galaxy.

Carl Sagan, The Cosmos, Colonization– Space resources from Matt Bodnar

This post was taken from Matt Bodnar's Blog, with his permission. Check out his blog here. ---------- I have long been a proponent of opening the space frontier, space colonization, Carl Sagan, and space exploration. I often find myself sending out lists of my favorite space related YouTube videos, short stories, and articles. Eventually I realized that I could  simply compile a blog post about these topics in order to share space-related content and reach an even broader audience....

A space shuttle launch

One small step for man, one giant thrust for mankind: PornHub in space

(This whole concept is NSFW-- Don't say we didn't warn you) PornHub, the free porn site that just earlier this year introduced the Wankband in an effort to "save energy" is now pushing the boundary even further with an, uh, up and coming porn shoot. The popular adult video site launched an Indiegogo campaign, titled SEXPLORATION, in an effort to raise $3.4 million to blast porn stars Eva Lovia and Johnny Sin into space for...

black hole eruptions

NASA finds evidence for serial black hole eruptions

Large volcanic eruptions can wreak havoc with the surrounding landscape, and NASA astronomers have recently found that eruptions from black holes can do something pretty similar. According to a new report in The Astrophysical Journal, a number of eruptions from a supermassive black hole over the course of 50 million years have changed the nearby cosmic landscape in the midst of a group of galaxies. The supermassive black hole is situated in a galaxy called NGC...

space butterfly

L2 Puppis emerges like a stellar butterfly

Images from the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope have uncovered what seems to be an older dying star called L2 Puppis shedding its stellar material to form a butterfly-like planetary nebula. According to a report in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, the astronomers discovered that the dust disc starts around 560 million miles from the star, slightly beyond the distance from the Sun to Jupiter. The team also found that the disc flares outwards,...


ALMA sensor array captures clear image of gravitational lensing

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array’s (ALMA) Long Baseline Campaign has produced the most detailed image ever captured of a gravitationally lensed galaxy. In this case, the light coming from HATLAS J090311.6+003906, a galaxy discovered in 2010 in images from the Herschel Space Observatory also known as SDP.81, is warped by the gravity from a foreground galaxy into a near-perfect example of what’s called an “Einstein Ring”. The light from SDP.81 that’s now being observed has taken...


LightSail successfully deploys solar sail

After overcoming both a software glitch and a battery issue during the course of its journey, the Planetary Society’s tiny LightSail spacecraft successfully deployed its solar sail on Sunday. LightSail launched on May 20 and embarked on a mission to demonstrate the feasibility of some essential components of solar-sailing technology, such as an attitude-control and sail-deployment systems, in preparation of a more involved voyage around the Earth with a different vehicle next year, according to...

Everything we know about the mysterious Boeing X-37B space plane

Everything we know about the mysterious Boeing X-37B space plane

The last time the U.S. Air Force's super secretive X-37B space plane launched, it didn't come down until almost two years later - 674 days to be exact. On Wednesday, it launched again, and was scheduled to stay in orbit for 270 days. Or maybe more. No one knows for sure because the largely classified project… (more…)

Say hello to 'Nasty 1,' the friendly neighborhood cannibalistic star

Say hello to ‘Nasty 1,’ the friendly neighborhood cannibalistic star

Observations made using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have revealed new, surprising clues about a gigantic star, surrounded by a massive 2 trillion-mile wide disc of gas, nearly 3,000 light-years from Earth. The star’s “weird” behavior and appearance have baffled the scientists so much that they have decided to name it “Nasty 1.” Nasty 1 belongs to… (more…)

How science fiction inspires the future

How science fiction inspires the future

The central message of Tomorrowland is that optimism about science and its role in the future is preferable to the fashionable despair of dystopia and destruction. And what better symbol of American scientific progress and idealism than the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)? While much of Tomorrowland is concerned with the more pulpy and outlandish… (more…)