December 26, 2012

Cemeteries, Where The Dead Still Roam

Cemeteries are creepy enough, especially at night. Throw in some fog, a little mist, and a ghost or two, then you are ready for your imagination to run rampant. Rumors of ghosts and spirits roaming around old cemeteries is a perfect opportunity for teens to dare each other into getting the fright of a lifetime. So they find the creepiest one around and cautiously walk throughout the head stones, trying to scare their peers by making sudden noises.

However, when you see or hear something that you know wasn’t one of your friends, you begin to think, your adrenalin builds, imagination goes into overdrive and you become truly scared. Every little noise makes you jump, your heart races, and finally you see what you came for. A figure gliding in the distance, a mist rising from the ground, you scream and run as fast as you can until you get to safety.

The Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut is considered the most haunted one in the US. It is located at the intersection of routes 59 and 136, next to the Easton Baptist Church, and dates back to the 1700’s. Many paranormal experts have investigated this site and have compiled numerous evidence supporting the claims.

The most famous spirit which haunts this place is called the “White Lady.” She has been captured in many photos and seen by numerous people traveling in and around the graveyards premises. Even police and fireman have seen this mysterious figure in white. She can be seen floating around the headstones in the graveyard at night, but her main ploy is to appear out of nowhere in the roadway, the driver of the vehicle will slam on the brakes but it will be to late,  after being struck by the un-expecting motorist, the driver searches for her, she is nowhere to be found and there is no damage to the vehicle.

Except one instance where an off-duty fireman was traveling between Union and Stepney cemeteries, which is located 10 miles away, when a red glow formed in the road ahead, the White Lady appeared with outstretched arms, and a farmer in a straw hat was seated beside him in his truck. He slammed on the brakes, heard a thud, the farmer, the red glow, and the White Lady all vanished, but left a dent on the front of his vehicle. The White Lady is also claimed to haunt the Stepney cemetery and travels the road between them.

There are few legends of who the White Lady might be. One is she was murdered and her body was dumped into a hole behind the church, and another is a woman died at childbirth and she is looking for her child. These are just a couple of the legends, but no one knows for sure who she really is.

Another spirit that roams the area is called “Red Eyes.” This entity with its glowing red eyes will appear floating in the bushes, and the witnesses claim to also hear footsteps around them at the same instance. It is said the spirit is that of Earle Kellog, a man set on fire in 1935 across the street from the cemetery. Others claim it is a man killed by a drunk driver who has been recorded in an EVP session.

The Cemetery is closed to the public after dark and the police watch it closely because of its reputation of being one of the most haunted cemeteries in America.

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Image Credit: Jag_cz / Shutterstock

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