Charge Your Phone In As Little As 20 Seconds!
May 23, 2013

Charge Your Phone In As Little As 20 Seconds!

Take some time to really think about how long it takes to charge up your phone. It’s possibly one of the few things that we can really say, “I’m just going to leave it on the charger and go go play a video game.” I myself love to plug my charger into my phone and cook dinner. Just think of all those things knowing that you will eventually come back to the wall 3 hours or so later and it’s finally charged. Even worse, think of that time where your phone’s battery is low and you’re sitting next to the wall for the whole conversation because it takes so long for your phone to charge. Well, a young student by the name of Eesha Khare has redefined how long it takes to recharge your phone. She didn’t just cut it by an hour or even 2 hours; she has cut down the charging time to as little as 20 seconds. That’s right, you don’t even have enough time to properly brush your teeth in the time it takes for your phone to charge up.  To really put this into perspective, the number of seconds in three hours calculates to 10,800 seconds. In the time it takes you to charge your phone once, you can charge the same phone roughly 540 times.

The trick to her amazing discovery is her use of a very recent discovery that been being developed over the past year or so, called a supercapacitor. This small supercapacitor is able to gather small amounts of energy very quickly. This allows for the capacitor to quickly transfer this energy to the phone’s battery. This has been one of the first major applications of a supercapacitor. This application really displays the capabilities and strengths of a supercapacitor by really showing how fast and applicable capacitors can be used in everyday products that consumers and businesses may use.

Khare was one of two people that won 50,000 dollars for their ideas in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, which is considered to be the largest high school research competition in the world. Can you believe that even with this amazing idea, she was not the one that received first place? The first place winner of this competition was a 19 year old student from Romania, named Ionut Budisteanu. His research into artificial intelligence led him to create a “low cost, self-driving car.”

It is through conventions that some of the brightest minds appear and many of the issues that some of the brightest engineers and scientists have been solved. It is through research done by these young minds that give us the newest and best technologies, such as the Khare’s supercapicitor that can charge your phone in seconds. These young minds are given money to go to big schools such as Harvard, where they can continue to do research in hopes of expanding on their ideas and solving other problems that other engineers or scientists may be facing.

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