Cheapskates Rejoice! Video Reveals iPhone 5C Can Run Safari
September 4, 2013

Cheapskates Rejoice! Video Reveals iPhone 5C Can Run Safari

A video of what’s said to be a red iPhone 5C is being tossed around the Internet and, guess what? It can surf the web.

Following the same track of every other iPhone 5C rumor to hit the web, this video comes to us courtesy of China’s fine social networks. It isn’t the only iPhone 5C rumor to fly across the Pacific and land in the US in the past few days, either. Over the three-day weekend, several images of purported cheap plastic iPhones also popped up. If these images are to be believed, (they could be legit, they may not be) the colorful iPhone exists and will ship in transparent plastic cases a la the iPod Touch. Stickers on the phones have colorful wallpaper that match the plastic back of the phone and, so far, we’ve seen iPhones washed in blue, green, pink, red, yellow and white.

For those of you just joining us, the iPhone 5C is the cheap iPhone said to be available in many colors and meant to appease cheap-os and Apple investors alike.

And, so saith the Dalrymple, Apple is expected to hold their next iPhone event next week on September 10, just a week and a day from the time of this writing.

The video in question was leaked to Chinese video site Youku and, just as explained before, reveals little more about the rumored iPhone 5C except the fact that it’s capable of running Safari. The device in question never leaves the demonstrators hands, so it also seems likely that this thing is just an iPhone 5 in a red case — all we see in the video are the outer bezel of the thing which would easily be covered by a red plastic case.

In fact, it’s a little generous to say this thing is an iPhone at all. Given what we see in the video, it very well could be a common iPod Touch that anyone could pick up from any approved Apple retailer.

The iPhone 5C has been on everyone’s mind as of late, however.

On Sunday, images of the alleged iPhone 5C in transparent cases popped up on Chinese site Later, images of the quick start guide found in all iPhone packaging showed up on the Chinese version of Twitter. Though these quick start guides offer no new information, (they’re included in every iPhone, remember?) the icons shown within do match the icons of the new iOS 7. The blurry camera also captures the part of the guide wherein new users are instructed how to remove a sim card with the included tool.

The iPhone 5C (and, for that matter, the iPhone 5S) are now commonly accepted as real-live products. Should this be the case, we’ll get our first legitimate peek at these things pretty soon. Pundit Jim Dalrymple (the bearded one) has given his “yep” nod of approval to the rumor about a September 10 unveiling. He doesn’t flaunt his “yeps” that often, so he has a fantastic track record for getting these kinds of things right. It’s also recently been uncovered that the poor retail employees who have to deal with an iPhone-mad public have been instructed not to take vacations during the last half of September, hinting towards a September 10th announcement and a release not long after.

According to, for instance, AppleCare employees have been blocked from taking vacations between September 15 and the 28th, putting the rumored opening weekend on Friday the 20th.

I’ve already got my box at the ready, just in case any of this stuff turns out to be true.

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