Check Out Google's Dublin Offices
July 26, 2013

Check Out Google’s Dublin Offices

A while ago, I blogged about one of Google’s world famous Tel Aviv offices and, well… my eyes have finally dried and I am now emotionally ready to take on another round of office space jealousy. This time around, we spin the globe and land on the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland.

From the web, I’m hearing that Dublin is a city bustling with young talent all over the place (and should be since it is Ireland’s most populated city) and from the looks of Google’s main headquarters there, this seems to be true enough. The city has become a mecca for the tech scene in Europe, so what better place for the famous company to put a headquarters than Dublin?

For starters, the headquarters is divided into four separate buildings and if you are used to the antics of Google, then you would know each of them are close in distance but are worlds apart in character. First, we have the “Gasworks House”, then the “Gordon House,” then the “One Grand Canal” and finally the “Google Docs” building.

Within these four unique facilities lies dozens of floors with their own unique themes, not to mention having their own unique materials, color palettes and custom layouts to bring life to each floor in its own light. Of course, being the colorful company that is Google, they wouldn’t give their floors just any old normal corporate names so, as expected, floors of this headquarters bare names the likes of “Be Green”, “Sands of the world” and “Irish Landscape”. In typical Google fashion, the company tends to push the ideals of individuality, creativity and thinking outside the box and splatter these said ideals all over every inch of their collective grasps.

As like many of their facilities, the Dublin headquarters was designed in part by the Architectural group Camenzind Evolution, but this time with the help of Henry J. Lyons Architects. Buildings such as Google Docs (which is the youngest of the bunch) have their share of wackiness like grass floors instead of carpet, lounge rooms complete with guitars and pianos and even down home like kitchen areas with swing sets instead of chairs (yes, that is a true statement).

With all of this wackiness, it is hard to imagine work actually getting done in this place, but I guess these features don’t play the role of a distraction as much as they do as an inspiration and a stress reliever when the time comes to take a break from the number crunching, code writing job of an average Google employee.

Hmm, I wish more companies would take this approach to a workplace instead of the grey cubicle filled cluster-fuck that turns us all into little mindless robots going about our day in the average office but hey, I guess someone has to set the tone for how the workplace has to be. But this should serve as an inspiration to the vast majority of uninspired offices across the world. I mean you don’t have to bring pixie dust and unicorns to the office but you know, maybe a little something different.

If you want to check the pics of the headquarters then DesignBoom has them all in one place.

See you next time!

Image Credit: Peter Wurmli © Camenzind Evolution

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