January 9, 2013

Check This Out: GameStick

Jumping on the Kickstarter wave is yet another console with a lot of potential. Here we have the GameStick, a flash drive sized game console with an HDMI port that you can take anywhere you desire. This little gizmo is being developed by PlayJam and promises to revolutionize open-source gaming.

In theory, it works by using a mobile internet connection while being plugged into the back of your TV or computer monitor, if it has an HDMI port, and up pops the user interface (which oddly enough looks a lot like Xbox Live). From here the user can choose an assortment of games to have a fun time with. Oh yeah, the device also comes packed with a sleek controller with a d-pad and analog controls, which also doubles as a house for the jump drive sized console.

The whole shebang is power by Android 4.1 (or Jelly Bean for the cool kids) and sports a 1.5GHz dual-core Amlogic 8726-MX processor alongside 1 gigabyte of RAM and 8 gigabytes of internal flash memory, as well as other Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionalities that will make you drool. Even with this relatively weak arsenal of power, the creators at PlayJam say that it can run games in HD.

But what games exactly? Well, the company says that it has talked and negotiated with over 250 developers, but they have not yet named these partners. I would love to see big names in the third party throwing their games onto this micro console, like Ubisoft and Activision, but I don’t think as an up and coming console and company that they can have the negotiation collateral or capital to really get them to sign on. Or maybe they can and have. Only time will tell, but I am definitely expecting the HD version of titles Like Angry Birds and Temple Run.

The device is still in the development process and looking to secure a goal of $100,000 in donations from Kickstarter to get a headstart on the production (which it has already surpassed). If this company converted you and made you see the light, then you can go right to their Kickstarter page and donate what you can. It might be well worth it, since contributors are promised free Beta Tests. In addition, the funders with big boy dollars can get the console for free or even a job at PlayJam (talk about enticement).

If you are in the joyful mood, you better do it quick, fast and in a hurry because PlayJam is looking to launch this thing in April for a retail price of $79.

I want to see where success can take the device. It might be the little GameStick that could. Being able to game anywhere from any HD monitor? That sounds like a great bet. I could see myself at the next Thanksgiving plugging this into the back of Grandma’s TV when all the uncles are drunk because well, we all know Thanksgiving is over when all of your uncles are drunk and start telling fake stories.

With all the promise this little device carries, there’s also the unanswered questions like how users be able to attain these games. Will they be able to be bought permanently or will there be a subscription fee that covers all the bases? Speaking of the games, what companies actually got on board to produce or port their projects to this micro console?

Who knows, but the device releases in just a few months, so I guessing we will have tons more info in the coming weeks.

Image Credit: PlayJam

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