ChicBuds Brings The Tech With Female Flair
April 2, 2014

ChicBuds Brings The Tech With Female Flair

There are so many cool gadgets out there, but sometimes even the shiny piano black or brushed aluminum housings of the gear can appeal more to men. Some women need the feminine touch that bright colors, patterns and textures supply. While that “color” option is not always pink, that black and silver detail doesn’t make the statement an accessory should for a woman.

Enter chicBuds. The company was created by a San Diego woman eight years ago. Her goal was to create a line of technology accessories specifically for females. The latest in the chicBuds line of accessories is the Porta Party Bluetooth wireless speaker. The Porta Party is an external speaker about the size of half a soda can that can play music wirelessly over Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio cable, or plug in via USB (which also charges the speaker). The $50 speaker has up to 10 hours of playtime. It’s easily stowable in a laptop bag or suitcase so you can easily take the speaker on the road. It adds a little more depth to the default speakers on most devices such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The speaker does more than play music or provide audio for movies and other video; it can also let you talk on the phone and is even capable of hands-free call answering.

But what sets the Porta Party apart from any other Bluetooth speaker on the market? It’s not plain black, or silver. ChicBuds offers the speaker in a wild assortment of colors and patterns. The main colors include blue, black, red and pink. But the accents are what draw your eye. The side panel of the speaker is covered in graphic designs that play off the main color, and add that feminine touch. We’re sure that chicBuds will add a few more options.

Like the chicBuds Porta Party speaker? You can get one for $49.95, or win one by signing up for the chicBuds newsletter.

While the speaker is an exciting new product, chicBuds has been at this for a while and has a range of products including speakers, earbuds, headphones, armbands, cases, power accessories and laptop accessories. Each offering has the signature graphics and bold colors. While men might like graphic options, these are strictly for those of a feminine persuasion.

chicBuds may be on to something. Women like tech accessories, though they might not pay much attention to the plain objects. But it’s not the only company creating accessories for the fairer sex. Acoustic Research, among other tech companies, released a line of accessories designed for women. The product Acoustic Research is touting is a purse-size Bluetooth speaker. It’s a solid color and doesn’t have the accent graphics of the chicBuds designs, but the purse-like speaker has a quilted speaker grill that is reminiscent of a Chanel purse. There are different ways to appeal to women. Bold graphics are one way to a woman’s heart and chicBuds has built its line on that ambition.

Image Credit: chicBuds

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