November 13, 2012

Chicks Watch Football? Score!

So you’re a red blooded American man and you like football? What a surprise. Looking for a hot chick to watch the game with on Sunday? They actually DO exist!

Almost every man in America likes American football, and there are tons of stats to back it up.

You adjust our schedules around your team’s schedule. You even go to the early church service on Sunday. You or your wife get all the grocery shopping done early in the week in hopes of ensuring you’ve got what you need to throw on the grill, or maybe you wear your lucky jersey every Sunday without fail; I know I do. (Hopefully you’re not that crazy superstitious guy who doesn’t wash it though!)

Some guys watch the game with buddies, some at local sports bars, and some even have the money to be in the stadium at every home game. Most of us probably fit the first two categories though.

If you’re like me, you’d love nothing more than to wipe hot wing sauce off of your moustache while rooting on your home team next to a gorgeous woman.

Most men think of a beautiful football-watching maiden like a sort of unicorn. A pretty woman who understands why they’re not going for it on fourth and 2 doesn’t exist. One who doesn’t constantly comment on her pleasure at watching athletic men’s butts while they’re wearing tights, and understands the complexity of a play action boot leg-there’s just no such thing, right?


According to The Nielsen Company, “more American women watch the NFL than any other team sport, and not just the Super Bowl. In the regular season, the NFL knocked out Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association in having the highest percentage of female viewers.”

I find that odd, knowing that some woman may have played basketball or softball while they were in high school, but few likely played football.

The percentage of female football viewers has grown from 32.6% in 2006 to 33.6% in 2010.

More people watch the NFL than watched the Presidential debates or elections, so there’s got to be some pretty women in there somewhere!

The NFL holds the top spot on both the Prime Broadcast Network TV and the Cable Network TV in the United States according to Nielsen.

To add to the interest amongst women, the NFL recently partnered with Alyssa Milano to design a clothing line of team gear specifically tailored to women. It’s called “Touch”, and the slogan is appropriately, “Finally. Love Your Team Without Looking Like You’re On It.” This can only work in our favor gentlemen.

When it comes to football watching babes, I know they exist, but I don’t know where to tell you to find them!

When dating it’s definitely a selling point to have a lady who enjoys the gridiron, but I don’t think it’s a deal breaker, nor do I expect to see some online dating site catered to finding football-watching females. (I don’t know that to be true; I’ve never looked, and I don’t plan to.)

I love to watch football, and enjoy watching basketball as well. After a year with my wife, I was finally able to get her to sit down and enjoy a football game without complaining or asking a hundred questions.

(Asking a hundred questions is much better than complaining though. It’s a strong sign that they’re interested, or at least they care enough to fake it.)

It’s even gotten to the point where she’ll understand why the coach is throwing a penalty flag, or why it was an incomplete pass. I love it, but like any man anywhere I’m never satisfied. I always want more.

Next, we’ll work on getting her to watch Basketball. Hopefully by the time we’re old and gray we can watch nothing but sports. I know that’s just wishful thinking, but in the words of the late great John Lennon “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”.

Image Credit: CHRISTIAN DE ARAUJO / Shutterstock

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