December 11, 2012

Children Are Saving Us Now?

New studies in scientific research (and general nosy nancy’s) show that couples having children in the home contributes to a longer life expectancy.

I’m almost certain that my sister and my childhood is going to be the leading cause of my mother passing away at age fifty. Not the most preferable topic of discussion, and neither is it as sad as most would claim, but that’s what we’re here for. We’re talking about the role of the child in the modern household. It turns out that through tedious research and nosy scientists, it has been revealed that couples with a child are statistically more likely to have longer life expectancies than couples with no child.

Taken from a redOrbot article, we learn that this bit of information isn’t as ripe with myth as you might think. Researchers say that the main contribution to longer life spans for couples with children is the general expectation that most people lead better lives to ensure a healthy environment for our kids.

I was half expecting them to say that children have a secret secretion of magic “Youth” fluid that maintains your life. The only youth fluid that I gave to my mom was wrapped in a a Huggies diaper. So where do we stand with the general idea of living standards in American society? It’s an unfortunate generalization that people only wish to stop smoking when a child is in the house, but there’s A LOT of time and therapy for improvement.

Children are often left with the expectation that they’re the cause of broken homes and families fighting constantly over who gets the remote.

Angry house wives aren’t THAT important.

More or less, it’s an impending issue in the household. Are kids the cause of the destruction/prosperity of families? Not necessarily, but it would be sheer irresponsibility to say that they didn’t pose as a factor in that ordeal.

But children are a powerful motive for family members and couples alike to strive for survival. Take cancer for example – it’s one of the most controversial issues of later life health in the world. It has no specific age group that it exclusively applies to, and almost always appears completely devoid of your general expectations of your health.

And yet, when faced with the burden of cancer, infinite amounts of support and love are cherished and encouraged by family members for good spirit and belief of survival. It’s about as relevant as the queen ant being endangered by foreign invaders. The foreign invader is pain, sickness and adversity – and the cure is family and strength.

For family strength, perhaps the building block of a family is the child. There are, of course, couples that consider this aspect of families and reference it for the saving and rejuvenation of dying relationships.

So do children really make us better people?

Debatable. But my opinion is leaning more on the positive side. Who’s to argue?

Let me know what ya think in the comments!!

Image Credit: Photos.com

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