January 1, 2013

Children Receive Pornography As Christmas Gift

Puzzled parents in Colorado and California speak out after their children’s electronic Christmas gifts come from Santa packed with porn. Big name stores, Game Stop and Target, are the recent targets of media exposure for these atrocities.

Christmas morning for a young boy or girl is usually full of fun toys, not so fun clothes, and for families like mine, usually one high priced electronic device.

5 year old Braydon of Denver Colorado got a pretty sweet gift-a Nintendo 3DS!

Sounds awesome, right? Wrong.

When the young boy and his older brother were exploring the refurbished device they came across several pornographic pictures.

Apparently, workers at the Game Stop where the father purchased the device failed to clear the memory, and these young boys saw something they definitely shouldn’t have seen all due to a careless oversight.

“(Braydon) said that he didn’t take these pictures … and I see two people in a bed,” his older brother, Bryton, told NBC affiliate KUSA in Denver. “I told my dad and I said, ‘Dad, this has porn on it,’ and he got up and went right to the phone.”

The father, Mark Giles, enraged, went straight to the local news after calling the store from which he purchased the 3DS.

“I lost it,” Giles told KUSA, as he wiped away tears at the thought of his children’s exposure to such graphic material.

This was Game Stop’s response to the blunder: “We have a rigorous quality control process in place to ensure that existing content is removed from all devices before they are resold,” the company said. “Out of millions of transactions each year, ones like this happen very rarely.”

Another similar case happened in California with a 9 year old girl and an Android tablet from Target.

Same story, different place-except this time the device wasn’t refurbished; it was brand new. The mother, Kanisha Morning, said the device came with the manufacturer’s seal still in tact.

After noticing a never-before-seen expression on her young daughter’s face, Morning inspected the new tablet only to find several extremely graphic videos and images.

“She’s seen two videos, pornographic videos. What am I going to tell my 9-year-old?” said the mother.

She said Target told her simply to return the device, but she didn’t want to let the mistake go unnoticed. She was determined to speak out publicly to see to it that it didn’t happen again.

“Who knows how many times this has happened and no one said anything about it,” Morning told CBS 13. “Another one could be on its way to another kid.”

If that happened in my household, I couldn’t imagine the outcome.

Frustrated with the constant request to play on our iPhones, my wife and I bought my daughter an iPod Touch for Christmas this year. Luckily, there was nothing questionable on the device, as it came brand new with the manufacturer’s seal in tact. Even if there had been explicit material, my wife and I would have caught it before hand. We opened the device and installed several approved games and albums in order to make the device ready to rock for Christmas morning.

Unfortunately, these parents weren’t so lucky.

I’m in line with the thinking of the mother in California, Mrs. Morning. How many times has this happened before anyone said anything, and with the ever growing popularity of hand-held, internet capable, devices like these, who’s to say it won’t be happening more frequently?

Word to the wise: check your child’s devices before doling them out, and frequently there after. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

Digressing, there’s nothing funny about this; in fact it’s disgraceful, but I can’t help but look at the bigger picture here.

Good old cynical me, am I the only one who noticed both of these stories came from states where Marijuana is now legal (to some extent)?

I don’t believe in coincidence.

Image Credit: photomak / Shutterstock

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