November 30, 2012

Chris Brown Totes His Ignorance Again

The media will not stop giving this guy grief. And neither will we!!!

I first heard of Chris Brown…well, actually it was by force of constant chants of his name by my then-twelve year old sister. She, like many other adolescent girls her age used the word cute like it was her last name. Let her sit in the same room as him and sparks would undoubtedly ignite. Brown was very big in popular culture (And BET) back in 2005, and I’ve slowly watched his image lose its color year after year after year.

Honestly I thought his victory of the islander beast known as Rihanna was glorious.

But watching that sixteen year old make his transition into adulthood was quite entertaining in American society. And then again, isn’t it for every celebrity? Remember when we saw “The Parent Trap”, and every body was so sure that Lindsay Lohan would have a promising and talented career ahead of her? Hollywood injects unwanted maturity into teenagers like that.

We as a nation are known internationally for glorifying the pop culture icons that no one else will. You saw how big Gangnam Style is in this country. That ridiculousness, that obscene tendency to rebel against the social norm of a more conservative lifestyle.

We crave that rebellion.

Such was the case when we (Or they) continued to praise and immortalize this guy. What exactly do you expect? Give a monkey a cane, a hat, and you know what happens next?

Someone dies.

They die.

And of course the media ate it up. They wanted so desperately for a golden child to turn sour and snap from the tree-his deterioration as a role model fell quite quickly. So it was a bit of a surprise when he made his comeback (A bit rocky, if you ask me), into a new world that didn’t want to forget. But Jenny Johnson simply will not let sleeping dogs lie.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, Chris Brown has deleted his Twitter account in a bout with the somewhat famous comedian. It’s a traditional useless twitter fight: He posts a picture with a really stupid young guy saying, and she retorts with an insanely clever burn even though no one acknowledges how awesome her timing was.

He fires back with sexual remarks (Of course), and she resurrects the old “Brown beat Rihanna” article from its comfy ashes. Brown, in a fit of what I’m guessing was a shameful rage, replies to Johnson by saying”Just ask Rihanna if she mad?????”, (P2).

Just ask Rihanna if she mad.

I’d rather ask her if she’s an idiot.

We all respected Rihanna’s motive with moving on from Brown in the aftermath of their boxing match, but when they both popped back in the media holding hands and laughing we feared the worst.

Honestly, the worst has already come and gone.

The real fear that fans and social enthusiasts should have is whether or not Brown will keep his cool the second time around.

I don’t think Rihanna has any more mascara.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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