January 15, 2013

Chrome For Android Beta Is Zippy

If web browsing on your Android device just isn’t fast enough, check out the new Chrome Beta browser. Just like it has done on the desktop, Google has released a separate, work-in-progress version of its browser for those hungry for more speed and willing to put up with a few bugs and bumps.

Fortunately, you can install it along with the standard Chrome browser (or any other browser you choose – hey, this is Android) for occasional testing without sacrificing the stable version.

This is a nice piece of digital swag for Android enthusiasts, who are just as likely to be Chrome fans as well. Just like the stable version of Chrome, the Beta model syncs up your bookmarks, passwords, and other account information for a very consistent experience across devices.

I have been using it since the launch on Thursday and have been impressed at its speed. It is noticeably faster than the stable version of Chrome – this especially seemed apparent yesterday after an update from the Play store.

Desktop Chrome users can also choose either a stable or beta build, though there are two additional options: developer or canary channels. The latter is experimental and is updated nightly and may crash completely, according to Google’s download page. No word if these higher-risk browsers will come to Android.

I did find a couple of hiccups when using Chrome Beta on my Nexus 4. Some sites that had a “next” or “go on” button for a multi-step process would freeze up. It also does appear to be sucking up a higher amount of data usage. These are of course anecdotal, and will probably improve over time as the Chrome team refines the product.

That being said don’t hesitate to try it out. If using a beta browser makes you a little uneasy, just install it but then keep the stable version as the default browser. You can then launch Chrome Beta when you feel like living on the wild side (well, as wild as it gets for tech geeks.)

Image Credit: Google Chrome

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