Climate Cycle Report 2
January 9, 2014

Climate Cycle Report 2

This week on the Climate Cycle Report, we will look at how to identify different patterns that result during climate change.

First, looking at the image, we identify the solid black line that is moving from lower left to upper right. This is the Average Global Temperature. So, as you can see, we are leaving an Ice Age and heading into a warming period on the earth. This warming period is associated with a Post-Glaciation period. This line is what you hear about on the news all the time, that man-made CO2 is the reason this line is moving upwards. That can’t be proven, so that is why you always hear me say man-made CO2 is not the reason. However, if you were to look back at the earth’s climate history, you can see that this solid black line would look very familiar multiple times throughout the earth’s climate. That is because the earth has always gone from Ice Age to Post Glaciation eras. We just happen to be living on the earth now as we are going into the overall warming pattern of the earth, the “non-man-made CO” warming era.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Now, if we look at the red line going across from left to right, we can see that this represents a mini warm period, known as a warm cycle. During this time period it is not uncommon to see stronger warming of the earth than the average rate. Along with this time period, we note that warm weather events can be stronger and have higher frequencies (such as Tropical Weather, Severe Weather, Droughts, Heat Waves). So, if you look most recently in the 2000’s, we were in one of those red temp lines, meaning we were set to see this type of pattern occur and it certainly did.

Now, take a look at the blue lines. These represent when the earth is actually cooler than the average post glaciation temp rise, meaning the average earth’s air temp could be cooling briefly. This would support stronger cold weather events, with higher frequencies (such as Blizzards, Nor’Easters, Polar  Vortex Outbreaks, Cold Air Outbreaks, Flooding events – the colder group of events).

But do remember that no matter if we are in the colder cycle or the warmer cycle, each event can take place when the weather parameters are in the right place. That being said, you can have strong Hurricanes in cold cycles ( like Hurricane Camille along with Hurricane Andrew); you can also have strong Hurricanes in the warm cycle ( anduch as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy).  Just like cold events can take place during the warm cycle, during the winter of 2009-10 we recorded snow in all 50 states at the same time.

The biggest thing to remember is that the next time you hear the words Global Warming being used, watch how it’s being used. The earth is warming out of the past Ice Age, so yes the globe is warming, but that is all part of the larger Climate Cycles. Is it being created by man-made CO2? That is almost impossible to prove, so that should be the part to withhold from and not accept.

So, for all you global warmers out there, yes, your globe is warming away from the past Ice Age. However, make sure you state the proper science behind it, not use false facts.  For you global coolers out there, yes, there are periods when it’s cooler; the pocket of time we are entering now will support that.

My personal belief as a Degreed Meteorologist is it’s impossible to point to man-made CO2 as the culprit of global warming, when more of the science supports the earth is just rising at a normal POST ICE AGE rate.

Featured Image Credit: Thinkstock

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