November 11, 2012

Coal Geology

Coal geology is the study of coal. Coal is an important mineral for many reasons, not the least of which is that it is one mineral used for energy. Mining geophysicists may focus their attentions on coal geology because of the impact that coal mining has had recently.

In today’s world, companies and politicians are seeking out other methods of energy production that are more environmentally safe than oil. Coal has been on that list because it burns far cleaner than oil; however, the methods of extraction are just as environmentally controversial as those for oil and gas. Many people have challenged the extraction of coal. Recent mining accidents and issues have brought much attention to coal geology. Furthermore, companies have started mountaintop removal to mine coal. On top of the coal mining accidents, this procedure has angered many.

So, to have a better understanding of coal, its uses, its properties, and how to mine it, reading up on coal geology in journals, books, and newspapers is necessary. Studying coal closer will help all to understand the benefits and possible ramifications of this mineral. Many online resources are available for those who study coal geology or are just interested in coal.

Anyone interested in coal geology should read the International Journal of Coal Geology. It focuses on research, studies, and information on the field. This scholarly journal desires not just to inform others about coal geology but to also advance not only the exploration of but also how we use coal. The journal also focuses on the use of coal to related disciplines and technologies. The focus of the journal is to communicate with those who can benefit from information about coal geology. To submit a paper for publication, click here and follow the directions.

Beyond the International Journal of Coal Geology, many other books exist to inform interested party. These books focus on how coal becomes coal, the chemical properties of coal, the uses of coal, the dangers of coal, and the controversies related to coal. Many companies seek coal out for its uses in energy, which means that other areas of geology, namely environmental geology, are affected by coal geology. Perhaps one cannot study coal geology without studying environmental geology, too, at least not right now.

Coal geology studies the formation of coal, the uses of coal, the advantages and disadvantages of coal, and the issues related to coal. Many resources are available to better understand this science.

Image Credit: Noraluca013 / Shutterstock

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