Collector’s Edition Of Batman: Arkham Origins Exclusive To The UK
August 17, 2013

Collector’s Edition Of Batman: Arkham Origins Exclusive To The UK

Sometimes it pains me to look at the collector’s editions of games made in foreign countries, for obvious reasons that I don’t usually like to explain. Quite simply, I hate regional exclusive content. Will you ever live in Dundee, Scotland? No? So, why is it that 95 percent of the world’s gamers have to suffer for Scotland’s sad pathetic mistake of making the country fit only about 100 million people in it?

If I were running things, Scotland would fit every human on the planet inside its borders!

But, aside from my sentiment to foreign countries, I hate that I’ll never be able to have the really amazing collectibles that come alongside the collector’s editions of these games. For example, it has been revealed that there will be a UK exclusive collector’s edition of the upcoming comic book game extravaganza, Batman: Arkham Origins.

This new collector’s edition will come with an 80 page art book, a metal case for the game, the Deathstroke Challenge Pack, and a 1st Appearance Batman Skin available with your copy. Not only this, but an eight-page dossier on the assassins hunting Batman come with that, as well. Finally, a 12-inch statue of both Batman and the Joker standing come with everything mentioned above. All of these items come with your copy of the game, for 80 euros.

Are you jealous, hairy Americans?

Batman: Arkham Origins is the successor to Rocksteady’s release of Batman: Arkham City, yet it is a prequel to the first two releases in the Arkham series. This rendition of Batman chooses to go back to a time before the dark knight began growing in his grey hair. Before he ran wildly in the night with a family of vicious bats, and before he was fending off endless hordes of joker’s clowns, Bruce Wayne was a rich punk with way too much time on his hands.

Aside from way too many opportunities and combines with an intense passion for crime fighting, we’re looking at comic book game that dares to take us on a ride to the Dark Knight’s younger adult years. In Arkham Origins, Batman will be gliding and sprinting across tall buildings in Gotham City, a much larger chunk of area and space for free roam addicts to go completely nuts. In the second year of his career as the Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne is confronted by Black Mask and a deadly force of assassins. Black Mask currently owns all of Gotham, giving the player an incentive for needing to explore and rid every last inch of the city from gang activity and peril as they can.

Arkham Origins is packing more space, more weapons in the Dark Knight’s arsenal, and of course many more melee moves to take the fight straight to Deathstroke and Black Mask’s face.

Are you excited for this comic hero contribution? Let me know in the comments section below!!!

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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