February 9, 2013

Come On, Trump

If you’re one of the millions of Americans that looks at Donald Trump the same way you look at a bowl of mashed blueberry paste, wondering why/how something actually exists, then you’re in the right place. My words will be harsh, but I assure you, Donald Trump’s behavior towards media moguls is even harsher.

I’m not terribly into politics. In fact, I often prefer to change the subject to one of IGN’s PS3 glorification articles. But despite my best interests to remain neutral in controversial topics, I can’t help but think that Donald Trump is the worst person in the world.

Is it him being personified as an angry real estate tycoon that sprays cold saliva in random directions, shouting “YOU’RE FIRED!!!” that fills my mind with bad thoughts of him? Maybe, but that wouldn’t set him apart from Kelly Graham’s character in Boss, whom I greatly admire. No, I believe that my bitterness for him stems from his recent conflict with political humorist Bill Maher, in which he’s threatening to sue Maher for not paying up on a promise that he made last year.

We all know Bill Maher’s bit as a talk show host on Real Time with Bill Maher. Among sarcastic punch lines and casually insulting guests whom he considers unintelligent, Maher tries to make the show fun. He undoubtedly succeeds, but sometimes the pain is too much to warrant even a smirk.

I’m talking of course about Donald Trump’s intention to sue Bill Maher for not being paid five million dollars for a joke that Maher made last year in October. The joke that Maher made pertained to Trump’s bashing of the president over an absence of birth certificate as proof of American citizenship. Maher mocked Trump’s behavior by saying that if Trump could provide proof that he wasn’t descendant of orangutans he would pay five million dollars to a charity of Trump’s choice.

Apparently Trump wasn’t laughing.

He backfired with a retort on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that he would soon sue Maher for not owning up to the deal that he made. Obviously we can’t split hairs on promises and jokes, but I don’t think that Bill Maher was being serious at all with that deal.

The most difficult thing to accept about political humorists like John Stewart and Steven Colbert is that they are largely satirists. I wouldn’t expect a serious request out of these men because they are doing their job, which is to make us all laugh. It can be confusing in some aspects since the humor that they exert is stemmed from personal political feelings.

They have the privilege of being able to say whatever they’re feeling, and still call it a joke, as long as it’s full of sarcasm. They hold political power because they still influence fans with their humor, and at the same time they can still make a statement that we think about when the show has ended.

Bill Maher is no different from these men. While I do think that his comments might have been a bit extreme, I also don’t think that Trump should hold something as trivial as a joke against Maher. Perhaps Trump was making a sly joke of his own when he announced a possible motive to sue on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno?

I don’t know, but we shouldn’t expect the coming months to be very smooth for the rivalry between these two.

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