Comic Book Villains That Should Hit The Big Screen (Part 1)
July 28, 2013

Comic Book Villains That Should Hit The Big Screen (Part 1)

Well guys, if you are anything like me, then I’m sure you show up to the theater every summer and catch all the summer flicks in a dark room full of strangers while hiding from the blazing summer sun. If you are anything more like me, then most of the movies you go to see are the comic book movies that have taken over the box office as of recently.

From the Dark Knight series to The Avengers and from the Iron Man movies to the likes of Thor, comic book movies have gotten very cool all of a sudden.

We all flock to see our favorite heroes from American popular culture come to life on the big screen. But, what’s more exciting than the heroes that sell the movies are the villains that make you stay and watch.

Of course, some of the greatest comic book villains have made their way to the big screen, but there are some that are equally popular that haven’t seen the limelight… yet.

Let’s take a look.

Red Hood – I understand that nearly every villain in the Batman universe has gone under this moniker, but no one worn it better than the second person to dawn the hood, Jason Todd (aka the first Robin). After being murdered by the Joker, Robin comes back to life to seek revenge on the villainous prankster and mete out justice to the criminal underworld, his way. I understand that there would have to be a serious time gap and that the Dark Knight trilogy is over, but this would be a seriously interesting villain that rivals Batman in every way and even knows all of his secrets, not to mention he has the age advantage over him.

Carnage – One of Spider-man’s most sick, sadistic and sinister foes is none other than Carnage. It’s a simple fact that his black counterpart, Venom, is the more popular of the two (not to mention the most family friendly), but Carnage would give the Spider-man movies that “dark edge” they have been looking for all of this time. Check ‘em out here.

Apocalypse – The world’s first mutant and maybe the X-Men’s final foe. Apocalypse has set the bar for what a true enemy really is. Ancient, militant and hell-bent on consuming everything, including the seeds of his own race, it is surprising to me that he hasn’t shown up in any of the major Marvel motion pictures since his very being threatens not only the X-Men and the human race, but the entire world (which would bring buckets of gold to the box office). More details here.

Surtur – A giant fire demon that stands 1,000 feet tall? Can the mighty hero known as Thor defeat him? Who knows, but it would make a fantastic movie for the theaters. There’s not much to say about this baddie other than his strength rivals that of Odin himself. It’s always a bloody and near death affair when the fire demon comes for revenge. If this foe doesn’t make an appearance in any of the upcoming Thor films, then Marvel must not like money. More details here.

Modok- It is pure blasphemy that this character has not made an appearance in any of the Marvel movies at all. He would make an awesome villain and could’ve certainly been the main antagonist of Iron Man 3 (hey, it had to be said). Over four decades of continuity and popularity backs this character up as a major player in any Marvel series. Hmmm… I’m smelling an Avengers 3 appearance, since we all know that Avengers 2 has basically put a ring on the finger of their next enemy. Check here for more info on the villain.

So, Comic Con may be over, but that doesn’t mean this list is. Check back for part 2 of this list of box office baddies.

Image Credit: Marvel

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