Comic Book Villains that should hit the Big Screen (Part 2)
July 29, 2013

Comic Book Villains That Should Hit The Big Screen (Part 2)

Alright comic book fans, here’s the situation. In the first installment of this countdown, we’ve seen baddies like The Red Hood and M.O.D.O.K. finally get their just rewards. Hope you guys found a way to contain yourselves, we have a whole other half to go through.

Will your favorite make this half of the list?

There’s only one way to find out, so let’s finish this thing up strong.

Super-Skrull – Let’s be honest here, he may be the next big villain to hit theaters. Even though his big screen debut may be eminent within the next few years, it doesn’t refute the fact that he still hasn’t had his close up yet. I guess time will tell when the new Fantastic Four movie hits the theaters. Please, no more Doctor Doom! We’ve seen enough of him! There’s More Super Skrull here though.

Thanos – Who’s a cooler villain than Thanos? I mean, judging by the next few years he’s going to have, he finally going to get his dues (confirmed as the villain of Avengers 2 in 2015, confirmed to be in Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014). All of this awesomeness is due out in the coming years, but for the time being no one has seen his ugly mug on screen yet, so he is a welcome member of the rejected villains club. It’s kind of bitter sweet in a way, like your favorite college athlete who is destined to go to the major league and leave his peers behind. But, until then, he’s staying with the rest of the losers. He can be seen in the after the credit scene in The Avengers movie below.

Doomsday – I’m not sure who the super villain is in the upcoming flick Man of Steel, but I’m definitely sure that Doomsday won’t be it (if you need to know why, just look him up. I’m not going to spoil his role of importance in the Superman Universe). I’m calling it right now, if the Man of Steel turns out to pan out into a trilogy, then the writers and producers along with all of the other important people who are swimming in money thanks to the movie biz should be looking at this guy to end the trilogy. More Doomsday here.

Bizarro –  Who better for Superman to fight than himself? Or better yet, a polarized version of himself? Just as fast and just as strong, Bizarro could really turn out to be a standout villain if he is portrayed the right way. When you think of crazy CGI battles all over Metropolis with debris and lasers flying everywhere, wouldn’t you want to see Bizarro duke it out with the man of steel? Sounds like a blockbuster to me. Don’t know who he is? More info on him here.

Shadow King – This guy could easily take the cake as the next X-Men villain. I see a lot of creativity in recreating this guy for the film market. If you took one look at him then you know he’s evil and I think that’s a very impressive quality to have, especially for film. To be looked at and viewed as the villain before you even speak or do anything evil says a lot and they could toy with the audience’s emotions and reaction. It’s just a clear choice. Check him here.

So many bad guys, so little time. This concludes the list of the comic book villains that seriously need to have a big theater presence in the near future.

Keep this list in close to heart because when the next super hero movie comes out and smashes box office records, you could take a look at the antagonist and tell all of your friends and loved ones “I knew about him before it was cool”.

Yeah, all hipster style.

Image Credit: DC Comics

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