Comic Heroes That Need Movies
May 30, 2013

Comic Heroes That Need Movies

Look it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a superhero that has milked the box office for all its worth time and time again. Some of the best heroes from the comic books seem to be more like sidekicks who don’t get the huge fanbases, promotion and box office dominance that the others do even though they are just as popular.

You think all of the best heroes made it to the big screen? They have only scratched the surface.

When those excecs are scrapping for the next hero to grace the big screen, here are the heroes that should finally come up in the conversation.

Cable – You can’t get much cooler or more franchise trustworthy than the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey (well, almost) from the X-Men comic series. In all honesty he’s the Jaden Smith of comic books. With telekinetic and Telepathic powers which give him the ability to do just about anything that involves explosions (yes Michael Bay this guy was made for you). Already being X-Men royalty and being the leader of the new mutants, he should be a sure fit for a major blockbuster motion picture. Check him out here.

Spider-Man (Miles Morales) – Okay, I am not rooting for this guy because he is the black Spider-Man (okay maybe just a little bit).  Being of African American and Latin descent he made waves in the comic book industry when he became the new Ultimate Spider-Man when Peter Parker died, and sure it has had its share of both praise and backlash there is just no denying that Miles is an insanely popular character. Being a fellow Avenger also doesn’t hurt his chances at hitting the silver screen any summer now. For more info, check here.

Nova – What’s better than being a member of the intergalactic police force? The answer is having a suit that does just about anything the mind can imagine. There may be a few versions of this hero flying all over graphic novels, video games and TV shows but anyone will do the trick just fine. Marvel and Disney just do us a favor; give us Nova on the big screen! See him for yourself.

Dead Pool – The “merc with a mouth” may have his official headlining movie release currently in development but as of now he’s still part of the club. His only appearance was as a side character for the Spinoff movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He has grown in popularity over the years and is now popping up all over Marvel TV shows and video games to feed his growing fanbase. Simply put the mentally unstable merc needs the spotlight. More info here.

Batman Beyond – Once this character was just the protagonist character for the spinoff Batman Beyond cartoon series in which Bruce Wayne became an old geezer and now mentors and works alongside the “new” Batman, Terry McGinnis. The show had its run for a few season but was taken off the air. The show was so popular that it got revived as a comic series of the same name. it would definitely be a  great step to make a film out of this since well, The Dark Knight series is here and gone now. Details here.

Alright, there’s the list all you have to do now is line up with 400 of your buddies at your local Comic-Con and yell and complain to the big wigs (or Stan Lee) and hope they don’t call security.

Image Credit: Marvel / Disney

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