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September 19, 2012

Conquer Tasks With Any.DO On Android

Without a native to-do or task management app for Android, you are left to hunt through the Play Store. Should you be jealous of your iPhone friends?

No. Any.DO is one of the best; more powerful than the iOS Reminders and cross-platform. It is a visually impressive app which takes full advantage of Android features. It especially shines on Jelly Bean by enabling task management from the notification shade, which eliminates the need to open up the app for adding or checking off your to-dos. .

Unlike most mobile apps, it debuted on Android before coming to iOS (no doubt the backing of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt had much to do with this).

Any.DO has a minimalistic interface, with smooth sans serif font and either a black or white background. Your tasks can be organized into folders: the two default options are Work and Personal.

If you like to just quickly add and check off tasks, organizing your items by folders may be overkill. Yet if you wish to organize and break down tasks into specific parts of your life the folder customization will probably work well.

Predictive text is something I had never really thought of in a to-do list until experiencing it with Any.DO. You will only need to type in “ca” to get “call back” as one of your options. Or tap the microphone to dictate your task. If you want your significant other to remind you, share the task. Or add a reminder if, like me, you have the tendency to “forget” to check with your to-do list.

Better yet, many of the to-dos have actionable icons. Just tap the phone or mail icon to instantly call or e-mail. And because it’s Android, you have choice: make the call with Google Voice or mail with your preferred email app.

Jelly Bean users will see a permanent bar for Any.DO in the notification shade. This means you will only need to swipe down to get to your lists, freeing up another spot on your home screen.

If you don’t like this feature, you can turn it off. If you want to frequently add and manage your tasks, it is extremely useful to be able to do this from the notification shade. However, if you prefer to keep a clean shade with minimal distractions, this can be disabled.

Cross-platform syncing is another strength of Any.DO. Your tasks stay up to date between apps for Android, iPhone, and the Chrome browser. The team is at work on a standalone web interface that would likely work in any modern browser. If you sign up for notification when it is available, you get assigned a place in line. I’m number 64,787 on the waiting list, so this may be a while.

While there are many to do apps for Android, Any.DO is the most innovative and useful at actually helping you get things done.

Image Credit: Any.DO

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