Consumer Reports Picks 10 Best Vehicles Of 2013
February 28, 2013

Consumer Reports Picks 10 Best Vehicles Of 2013

If you are in search of a new car and are undecided on which one to choose, Consumer Reports did testing in ten different categories on the 2013 models and have come up with their top ten. The criteria Consumer Reports used to determine their picks in each category was a road test, along with the reliability and safety of the vehicle.

Mid-sized sedan category:

Honda Accord was the overall winner with its redesigned 2013 model. It is roomy, well equipped, and a nice ride. The four-cylinder engine produces 30 mpg city and 40 mpg highway. Price tags for this winner ranges from $23,270 to $30,860, depending on options chosen.

Sports car category:

There are two winners in this category, the Scion FR-S and the Subaru BRZ. Both vehicles are built with a co-op between Subaru and Toyota. These twins are rear wheel drive vehicles that get exceptional gas mileage, have superb handling, and are reasonably priced at $25,025 for the Scion, and $27,117 for the Subaru.

Budget category:

For those of you that have a smaller budget and want a good handling compact, the Hyundai Elantra has won this category. It has more room than its competition, gets great gas mileage from a smooth and responsive drivetrain. The interior is nicely done with a cost of $18,445.

Green car category:

The Toyota Prius has won this category with a plug-in, electric-fuel, hatchback. It is a roomy five passenger vehicle that gets 44 mpg, and delivers a comfortable ride. The price tag for this green vehicle is $26,750.

Compact car category:

The redesigned Subaru Impreza all-wheel drive wins this category. It has a roomy interior, impressive fuel economy, simple controls, and good visibility. It is a sensible vehicle with responsive handling and a comfortable ride that matches luxury sedans. The sedan sells for $21,345 and the hatchback goes for $22,345.

Luxury car category:

The Audi A6 wins this category for its quick and agile drive, with an interior filled with high-tech components. The engine is a supercharged V6 attached to an eight-speed transmission and is all wheel drive. Gets decent fuel economy and delivers comfort on the highway, with a price tag to match the luxury at $56,295.

Small SUV category:

Honda grabs another win with the CR-V. It delivers a comfortable ride and has a smooth, responsive drivetrain. Has excellent braking, good fuel mileage, stops quickly, and is a dependable ride. The rear seat has plenty of room and is reasonably priced at $26,455.

Midsized SUV category:

With Toyota’s second win, the Highlander is quiet, smooth, and handles soundly. This vehicle offers plenty of comfort with above average reliability. The V-6 will get 18 mpg, while the hybrid delivers the top fuel economy for all SUVs with 27 mpg. Depending on options, the price ranges from $38,578 to $47,225.

Sports sedan category:

The BMW 328i has been recently redesigned to be a roomier fun to drive machine. It also is more fuel efficient, luxurious, and with a turbo-charged 2.0-L four cylinder, it has quick acceleration, while delivering the best fuel economy in its class. The back seat is kind of snug but worth the $43,195 price tag.

Minivan category:

With a third victory, Honda Odyssey wins the minivan class, with improved reliability for the family oriented vehicles. The cabin is roomy, quiet, and comfortable. The large rear seat is easily accessed and standard backup camera is on all models. With a fuel economy of 19 mpg, the V6 also delivers good performance. Price tag is a modest $36.830.

With three wins in ten different categories, Honda seems to be one of the best vehicles to buy in 2013. Toyota places second with two wins, plus assisting in another win in the sports car category.

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