Crackdown 3 Spotted For Xbox One
May 26, 2013

Crackdown 3 Spotted For Xbox One

I spent an hour of my time Tuesday morning simply laughing at Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal. Well, actually that was the PS4 reveal back in February. I spent an hour sad and depressed while watching the Xbox One event. My discontent with its obvious lack of exclusive content and games did not go unnoticed by a majority of the Internet, and most of all my friends. We all agreed that the console itself makes a pretty viable candidate for next gen awesomeness later this year, but what will we all be playing when we turn the console on?

When I bought my gaming rig last year, I thought that I wouldn’t need another console for as long as I live. The basis of that theory came from the amount of content and freedom to mod on PC, thus to make my own addictive experiences. With all due respect to the PC platform, I can still do those things, but what about playing co-op with the dozens of friends that I’ve made on Xbox Live? I still have very fond memories of playing endless hours of Halo 3 with people I’d never met and enjoyed. Not only that, but party chat and custom game building made that experience so memorable that I almost don’t want to let go of Xbox. However, I have grown as a gamer.

I’ve wanted and waited for Microsoft to make the Xbox fun for me again. Quite frankly, I don’t care about Forza 5 or any supposed ‘new’ game that EA annually pushes out of their asses. Rather, I’m more interested in going back to the original experiences on Crackdown, Fable, GTA and, of course, Gears of War that made me happy to be an Xbox gamer. Those days have slowly faded into distant memory as I struggle to convince myself otherwise about throwing this piece of shit in the trash.

Someone give me strength.

But I found something today that peaked my interest about Next Xbox, possibly a factor that could make me buy the console day one. That factor is Crackdown 3.

Let me explain. A very enthusiastic Crackdown fan happened to notice a little image on the big screen of the main stage of the event at a certain point in time that nobody seemed to notice. The camera faced the Xbox home page on the screen, more specifically the games library tab. We could all see the games that were already developed and played on Xbox One. However, at the bottom left of the games list, there was an image of a running man inside a green orb (the agility orb from Crackdown, the defining symbol of the series) perched quietly in its corner. The Internet is now abuzz with rumors and excitement for a third installation.

I enjoyed the first game so much that I logged over 300 hours into the base game. I found every agility orb, every hidden orb, and every vehicle and location made possible to explore. Effectively speaking, Crackdown was where I made my home on the Xbox 360, but no sequel was made to the second installment. Because of the lack of news, I was forced to traverse to other levels of gaming on other platforms. Now, Total War and Steam are where I make my home, and I have vowed to never take an interest in the next Xbox because of the lack of exclusive and unique game support. With the possibility of a new Crackdown, that decision is all but certain now.

What do you think? Would a third Crackdown installation push you in the direction of Xbox One? Let me know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Microsoft Game Studios

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