Cupcakes And Technology Make One 3Delicious Treat
April 7, 2014

Cupcakes And Technology Make One 3Delicious Treat

Who does not like a cupcake? The fun of unwrapping the paper and then deciding whether to eat just the cake or just the icing or just chomp into both can make a bad day good for sure. And they are just so darn cute.

Plus, they are like little individualized cakes – a cake just for me. Now they can be even more specialized, more for the individual, all thanks to 3D printing technology. According to the MITSloan Management website, one up and coming 3D printing company stands out amongst the rest by their creative and tasty use of 3D printing on cupcakes. As that article explains, “Wei Wu, MBA ’15, and Jamison Go, SM ’15, have constructed a 3D printer that extrudes frosting—any kind, in any shape you dictate—onto a cupcake. Their 3Delicious pitch was a semifinalist in the products and services track of this year’s MIT $100K Accelerate Contest, and they were invited back for the wild card round.”

At least one of the judges sees more than just real promise in the 3D cupcake-frosting printer. Guarav Jain, a principal with Founder Collective, a Cambridge-based venture fund, believes 3Delicious could “disrupt the food industry” in a good way. Both Wu and Go foresee a future website where customers can order their custom frosting design and pick up the cupcakes with said design at a local bake shop that has the 3Delicious printer. People love their custom cakes and will spend lots and lots of money for the perfect celebratory cake, so why not add a computer-aided 3D design to those cupcakes?

The MIT article basically says that the sky is the limit on design choices. Whether one is a fan of Dr. Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Breaking Bad, The Wizard of Oz, Good Fellas, or whatever, this 3D frosting printer can create the perfect cupcake topper. If one loves math, science, English, history, sports, pop culture, travel, fishing, or whatever, 3Delicious can create a design to make the cupcakes especially for that person.

Both Wu and Go project that 3Delicious will not be just cupcakes; in the future they think that they will be able to create 3D designs on full cakes as well.

Both men come from a background with interest in engineering. “Wu, who is from China, worked in materials engineering for Intel for five years; he has a PhD in polymer materials science and engineering from Carnegie Mellon. Go, who’s from Florida, is a master’s student in mechanical engineering. He is also a teaching assistant in mechanical engineering professor Anastasios John Hart’s Additive Manufacturing Technology class. The entrepreneurs met through a mutual friend and discovered shared interests; both had built open-source 3D printers and had wondered about printing something yummy.”

This sounds super yummy and lots of fun. Everyone likes themes. As Kelly Kapoor, a character on The Office, says, “Well, there’s no flowers or toys or– I mean there’s nothing on it. Where did you even find a cake like this? I mean it doesn’t even have my name on it! Do you guys know what my name is? My name is Kelly!… I mean I don’t even know what the theme is! What’s the theme!…There’s always a theme.”

With 3Delicious, we will be able to create that theme from the comfort of our homes, and the frosting printing will do the rest for us. We will not be limited by what the bakery can do; rather, we can create our designs based on our interests. And that, my dear readers, is pretty tasty technology!

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