Daily Round-Up For April 1, 2013
April 1, 2013

Daily Round-Up For April 1, 2013

Howdy hey! Welcome to the Daily Round-Up, redOrbit’s one stop shop for all of the latest and greatest news to hit the wonderful world of music. Hope you all had a lovely Easter and a restful weekend! We are back to the weekday grind here at the Round-Up. So, without further ado, let’s get to your fill of the day’s music news.

Last weekend’s Ultra Electronic Music Festival in Miami was one of electronic music’s greatest events. Electronic music blog the Dancing Astronaut outdid themselves with extensive coverage of the festival, and now they have compiled the highlights of the two weekends into one massively awesome blog post. If you missed out, or if you are already feeling nostalgic, you can check out the recap by following the link back to the post at The Dancing Astronaut.

The talented rapper B.o.B. has put out a new track, presumably one from an upcoming release. You can listen to “Greedy Love” by following the link back to 2dopeboyz.

Queens of the Stone Age were in Brazil this weekend for Lollapalooza Brazil, which I just discovered was actually a thing. But they apparently debuted one of the tracks from their upcoming new record. If you are interested, you can check out their performance of the brand new song “My God Is The Sun” by following the link back to Stereogum.

The Dancing Astronaut has the wonderful tradition of putting up a collection of tracks that they feel are an appropriate aspirin for a long weekend of partying. I try to listen to it every week, and when it is particularly good, I like to share it in the Round-Up. This is one of those days! To listen to this collection of soothing electronic-oriented tracks, you can follow the link back to the Dancing Astronaut to check out their “Sunday Medicine.”

Singer Morrissey just keeps fiddling with his tour schedule. After putting together an ambitious schedule, he had to cancel a bunch of dates due to health issues. Now that he is presumably back to his healthy, normal self, Morrissey has made the decision to extend his tour, to Mexico and South America! You can check out the full story by following the link back to Pitchfork.

Rapper Schoolboy Q gave an interview to a radio station called Invasion, in which he outlines why he doesn’t speak much between projects, why he doesn’t like to play certain songs, and more. If you’re interested in the rapper or his insights, you can check out the interview by following the link back to 2dopeboyz.

And that is all the news we have for today folks! Hope you have a great day! And check out my other articles here. Have questions, comments, suggestions, or love? As always, you can contact me through my email, or through Twitter @robincopple1. If you like I can include your message in a future edition of the Round-Up!

Thank you so much for reading redOrbit and The Daily Round-Up!

Stay safe you guys! I love you all.

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