Daily Round-Up For April 4, 2013
April 4, 2013

Daily Round-Up For April 4, 2013

Hello hello dear readers! Welcome to the Daily Round-Up, redOrbit’s omnipresent, omnipotent, and all-around awesome collection of all the latest, greatest, and most important news to hit the world of independent and popular music. We are almost to the end of the week, and you can be forgiven for having some heavy eyelids. It has been quite a long week. But the Round-Up is here to offer you a reprieve from the stresses and depressions of your everyday life. So sit back, relax, and paw through the news with us! Let’s get to it.

Rapper Joe Budden is making progress towards becoming one of the greatest and most popular rap stars in the genre today. His major-label debut record came out recently, and received good reviews. Today Budden was asked to answer some questions for an interview, in which he went into detail about, among other things, his relationship with rap contemporary Eminem and the help Eminem gave him when Budden was on the road to recovery following drug and alcohol addictions. It is a very interesting and touching interview, and you should check it out! You can watch by following the link back to 2dopeboyz.

The band Deerhunter has premiered a new track that they are calling “Monomania.” What’s more, they played it on Jimmy Fallon. You can get a link to the song and a video of their performance by following the link back to Oh So Fresh Music.

James Blake has premiered a new video, this one to go along with his recent track “Voyeur.” The more and more I hear from the new James Blake record the more excited I get for whatever is in store. If you are interested you can check out the video by following the link back to We All Want Someone To Shout For.

In one of the strangest and most amazing three-way collaborations perhaps ever, Snoop Lion has created a song featuring production by Major Lazer and a guest vocal spot by Miley Cyrus. This Track of the Day is mind blowing just by the merits of its credits. But is it actually a good song? You’ll have to listen to find out! And you can do just that by following the link back to Oh So Fresh!

Remember Jimmy Eat World? Well they are still rocking strong! They announced a new record, which they are calling Damage, today. If you’d like to read about the new record or any interesting details that might be surrounding it, you can follow the link back to Consequence of Sound.

And that is all the news we have for today folks! Hope you have a great day! And check out my other articles here. Have questions, comments, suggestions, or love? As always, you can contact me through my email, or through Twitter @robincopple1. If you like I can include your message in a future edition of the Round-Up!

Thank you so much for reading redOrbit and The Daily Round-Up!

Stay safe you guys! I love you all.

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