Daily Round-Up For August 29, 2013
August 29, 2013

Daily Round-Up For August 29, 2013

Hello music aficionados! Welcome to the Daily Round-Up, redOrbit’s collection of all the latest and greatest music news of the day. Let’s dive right in.

If you can remember, a few days ago the powers behind the upcoming video game Grand Theft Auto V released the soundtrack that would accompany the game. When playing the game, you access that music by tuning into genre-specific radio stations. Today the news broke that electronic producer Flying Lotus will be given his own radio station, overflowing with FlyLo tracks and personal selections by the musician. If I was playing Grand Theft Auto V, I know I would be spending a lot of time on that station. Full story is at The Line of Best Fit.

In some very sad news, apparently what we all feared to be true is happening ; the brief and awesome NSYNC reunion that occurred at the VMAs is already over. You can join in the chorus of saddened fans and read the whole story at Consequence of Sound.

I don’t know when Miley Cyrus became the poster child for twerking, (maybe it was something that happened over the weekend…) but now apparently it is her favorite thing. A new Justin Bieber track leaked today, and it features Miley Cyrus. It is also entitled Twerk. If you’d like, you can check out the song back at 2dopeboyz.

And because we’re throwing all logic and pre-conceived notions out the window today, apparently Miley Cyrus has also made herself busy recording a remix to Kanye West’s Black Skinhead…with Kanye West himself. You can’t tell me you’re not excited to hear what that might sound like. The story is at 2dopeboyz.

Why don’t we just stay on the weird side of things? Danny Brown is always looking for some shock value, and his new otherworldly video for the track ODB looks like it will supply some shock. You can check it out back at Stereogum.

Danny Brown also released some information about his upcoming new record Old. It looks like the album will feature the coolest and most varied guest list of any record this year. Among the musicians scheduled to make appearances are Purity Ring, Charli XCX, A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, A-Trak, SKYWLKR, Rustie, and Freddie Gibbs. Now that’s impressive, and there might be more where that came from! Be sure to read the full story back at The Line of Best Fit, and check out Danny Brown’s album when it drops next month!

And that is all the news we have for today folks! Hope you have a great day! You can check out my other articles here. Have questions, comments, suggestions, or love? Or do you have an opinion on any of the music featured in today’s Round-Up? I’m dying to hear from you! As always, you can contact me through my email, or through Twitter @RobinCopple1. If you would like, I can include your message in a future edition of the Round-Up!

Thank you so much for reading redOrbit and The Daily Round-Up! Stay safe you guys! I love you all.

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