Daily Round-Up For March 31, 2013
March 31, 2013

Daily Round-Up For March 31, 2013

Hello you fantastic readers! Welcome to the Daily Round-Up, redOrbit’s one stop shop for all of the music news you could ever care about for the day. I hope you had a great week! As we enter the weekend, the news cycle is prone to slowing down, but there is so much information out there, the Round-Up will find something to write about that will interest you. So let’s get right to business.

Beyonce Knowles, or as she is more commonly known in recent times, the Goddess of Popular Music, blew everyone away a few weeks ago with the release of a track from her upcoming album. And now, a remix featuring a bunch of rap stars has surfaced. And needless to say, it is awesome. Listen to Bun B and others offer their take on “Bow Down/I Been On” by following the link back to The Line of Best Fit. And then, Bow Down to your queen Beyonce.

The Verge has put out a piece detailing the history of the Harlem Shake sensation and its apparent “corporate interests.” I still think the Harlem Shake is awesome. If you want to read the whole story, you can follow the link back to The Verge.

Apparently a new track from Cold Cave surfaced a couple of days ago and no one really picked up on it. But we have now! You can listen to the new song, “God Made the World,” by following the link back to The Line of Best Fit.

French alternative rock sensation Phoenix is back, baby. After a long tour supporting their last effort Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, and a hiatus after that spent prepping their new album, the group are back to the grind of premiering tracks, doing shows, and getting people excited about their new release Bankrupt!. They have just finished playing a show in Vancouver, where they played some songs from that new record. And there is video from that performance! So if you are interested enough to watch some video of the new Phoenix songs, you can follow the link back to the video at Stereogum.

UK-based music blog The Line of Best Fit is known for featuring some beautiful photography from shows they are able to cover, and today they are offering up some pictures from a show Foals played at the famous Royal Albert Hall. There is always a beautiful shot or two to be found in these galleries. If you are interested, you can check them out by following the link back to the Line of Best Fit!

And that is all the news we have for today folks! Hope you have a great day! And check out my other articles here. Have questions, comments, suggestions, or love? As always, you can contact me through my email, or through Twitter @robincopple1. If you like I can include your message in a future edition of the Round-Up!

Thank you so much for reading redOrbit and The Daily Round-Up!

Stay safe you guys! I love you all.

Image Credit: Gerdan / Shutterstock

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