Daily Round-Up For September 1, 2013
September 1, 2013

Daily Round-Up For September 1, 2013

Hello faithful music fans! Welcome to the Daily Round-Up, redOrbit’s compilation of all the latest and greatest music news of the day. Let’s get to business!

The Dancing Astronaut is falling over themselves in admiration for this new remix of Anna Kendrick’s Cups. Upon listening to the song I have to agree with them, it’s a pretty cool and extremely creative retouching by the producer Jellosea. It doesn’t sound like you think it will! Check it out at The Dancing Astronaut.

Indie-pop singer Dent May quietly put out his new record Warm Blanket last week, but today he’s finally committed to some promotion. The music video for the album’s lead single Born Too Late can be found back at Stereogum.

Fiona Apple is always reliable for a good headline. And this week she contributed one more story to the pile, as she reportedly cursed the audience and stormed off the stage at a Louis Vuitton-affiliated event in Japan. More information about the incident can be found back at Stereogum.

Kanye West, who is quickly becoming the best-known advocate for head-to-toe minimalism, has released his designs for Pusha T’s new record My Name Is My Name. One edition of the cover features Pusha T against a simple white backdrop. Another is simply a big picture of a bar code. Pretty minimal, huh? But the cover still looks great. Check them out at The Line of Best Fit.

I’ve come to understand that you can never have enough Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Today the electronic producers and pioneering duo of Big Gigantic released a supercharged remix of the smash hit Can’t Hold Us from The Heist, the platinum-selling release from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. It’s a great track and a very good remix. I’ve always respected the best remix artists – sure, they’re working with sampled material, but it takes a whole lot of creativity and talent to make something new out of someone else’s song. Check it out at The Dancing Astronaut.

And finally, if you’re in the mood for something a little bit light-hearted, be sure to check out the hilarious Jay Pharoah and his spoof of Kanye West’s I Am A God. Pharoah takes a bit of a different spin on the Kanye song – his version is entitled I Am A Dog. And the accompanying music video just wraps this silly package up perfectly. Check it out (please) at Stereogum.

And that is all the news we have for today folks! Hope you have a great day! You can check out my other articles here. Have questions, comments, suggestions, or love? Or do you have an opinion on any of the music featured in today’s Round-Up? I’m dying to hear from you! As always, you can contact me through my email, or through Twitter @RobinCopple1. If you would like, I can include your message in a future edition of the Round-Up!

Thank you so much for reading redOrbit and The Daily Round-Up! Stay safe you guys! I love you all.

Image Credit: Allies Interactive / Shutterstock

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