January 7, 2013

Daily Round-Up – January 6th, 2013

Hey there! Here’s a run-down of everything that was going on in the amazing world of music on January 6th, 2013!

It seems as though Lil Wayne has started to release tracks from his upcoming LP, I Am Not A Human Being II. The first of these tracks is entitled “I Ain’t Nervous,” featuring Boo. The link is at 2dopeboyz.

NPR has a stream set up to listen to the first full-length release from alternative music outfit Indians. The link to the stream is here.

My favorite music blog The Music Ninja has released a new installment in their acclaimed Chill Dojo playlist series. Check it out here and listen to some relaxing tunes as you settle in to your new week.

CNN has put out a story that claims rapper Nas to be “the greatest lyricsist of all time.” You can read the whole story over at the CNN website.

An unofficial video for the recent Burial track “Truant” has been released. The video takes the viewer on a tour through a shiny, vibrant city. You can watch it on YouTube here.

Up and coming rap star A$AP Rocky spoke about his relationship with dubstep and electronic star Skrillex. His interview includes a comment from Rocky about his collaboration with Skrillex on the A$AP Rocky record “LongLiveA$AP.” You can view the video here over at 2dopeboyz.

Angel Olson has released a new video for her track “Sweet Dreams.” Earlier in the week she put out a video for the song “Tiniest Seeds.” You should check this girl out. She and her album “Halfway Home” have made waves across the respective scenes of alternative country, contemporary folk, and independent music last year.

Consequence of Sound is hosting the full video of Jack White’s appearance on the Austin City Limits. If you’d like to spend some time with one of the greatest guitarists in history as he shreds up a world famous stage, check out the video.

It seems that everyone these days keep getting in these tiffs with one another. First Azaelia Banks and Haze were starting up conflict all week, and now rappers Cassidy and Meek Mill are starting to pass diss tracks back and forth. You can listen to Cassidy’s latest diss track, entitled “R.A.I.D.,” and you can read up on the history of the conflict by following the link back to the story at 2dopeboyz.

As it turns out, Lil Wayne actually released two tracks since our last post. This track, entitled “Rich As F*ck,” features production from T-Minus, as well as a guest spot from rapper 2-Chainz. You can check out the song over at 2dopeboyz.

NPR is hosting a stream of a new record from alternative and folk outfit The Lone Bellow, their self-titled effort “The Lone Bellow.” You can listen to the album as well as read the story that accompanies at by following the link to NPR Music.

Well that’s all the news for today! I hope you all have an exciting and enjoyable week! See you soon.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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