DDR Motorsport’s 2013 Miami GT Grand Prix Edition
July 11, 2013

DDR Motorsport’s 2013 Miami GT Grand Prix Edition

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The 2013 Miami GT Grand Prix Edition was built by DDR Motorsport with teamwork from other companies. Concavo wheels, K-Sport, Stuttgart, Auto Collision, Bill Ussery Collision Center and many others all played a role in getting this vehicle road ready.

The chassis and frame used is from DDR Motorsport themselves, with many parts supplied by other manufacturers. The two models are the GT4, with either an Acura RSX or a Toyota MR2 engine, and the GT8 with an LS1 Corvette engine. Both models have been fitted with upgrades by DDR.

The fiberglass body used is the basic GT4 and GT8 kits that sit on top a NASCAR-spec drive-over-mandrel mild steel tube chassis. Enhancements to the body include new carbon-fiber add-ons for weight reduction, a front bumper, front splitter and hood. Also made from carbon fiber are the louvers, side mirrors, rear wing and wing tips. The headlights, taillights and turn signals are supplied by Hella Bi-Halogen.

To keep the Miami GT glued to the pavement are a set of four performance tires mounted on 20-inch Concavo wheels and a set of Ksport Kontrol Pro Shocks for steadiness and control in the corners. For stopping power, the front is fitted with six piston Brembo calipers gripping the 15-inch cross-drilled rotors, while the rear has four piston Brembo calipers clamping down on 12-inch cross drilled rotors.

DDR didn’t stop with just exterior upgrades; the interior got a host of special improvements, as well. New seats, shift knob and boot, and the steering wheel are all from Momo. The gauges are Dakota Digital and the seat belts are from TAKATA.

The rear engine of the Miami GT Grand Prix Edition is a 2.0-liter turbocharged 3SGTE from the Toyota MR2 which pushes out over 450 hp. With a few additions on this four cylinder, it can easily reach the 600 hp mark. Estimates for the performance are three second 0 – 60 times and the top speed is close to 200 mph.

These basic kit cars offered by DDR Motorsport are actually an inexpensive purchase.

The GT8 model base kit price is $17,995, after the purchase of the Corvette LS1 engine, suspension parts, paint, wheels, tires, and all the interior components, final cost is $39,580.

The GT4 Acura/Honda model base kit price is $16,995, and after purchasing the remaining components, the final cost is $33,265.

The GT4 Toyota MR2 model base kit price is $15,995, and after purchasing the remaining components, the final cost is $31,260.

The prices above are estimated by DDR, actual cost may vary depending on personal preferences.

Image Credit: DDR Motorsport

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