Decisions, Decisions - Sex Or The Gym?
October 6, 2013

Decisions, Decisions – Sex Or The Gym?

Have you ever wondered what is the better workout, sex or your local gym? I have wondered about that for years, myself, always opting for sex over the gym. Hah, who wouldn’t?’s Jay Williams has been wondering this too, so he went looking for facts. Well, after fantasizing about that massively hot sex scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tossing each other around the room. Then he went looking for facts.

Williams says he heard a rumor that sex burns between 100 and 300 calories. The truth is, according to a study from the New England Journal of Medicine, sex lasts an average of six minutes and only burns about 21 calories.

I figure they must have based that study on ex-husband number 3! He’s the only guy I’ve ever known that could make it through the whole act in six minutes or less. Or maybe they are only counting the actual penetration time, not the foreplay and afterglow, as well. I want more information on this part before I buy it.

Williams says that WebMD has a little bit better news. They say you can burn 85 to 100 calories in 30 minutes of sex. So far, it sounds like the gym is the healthier choice. Hell, if all you are getting is six to 30 minutes, it sounds more fun too.

Williams gave us some ideas for making “sexercise” more fun and more productive.

1) Morning sex.

Every guy’s dream, right? Well, there’s biological reasons for that, it seems. Testosterone peaks between 7 and 8am every morning, so that’s when his biological impulses are pushing. The upside for you? If you have a 30 minute session before breakfast and then roll into your regular morning workout, you are already warmed up.

2) Flexibility.

Yoga burns an average of 100 to 300 calories per half hour. Williams suggests incorporating some of your favorite yoga poses into your sex life. This will increase your caloric burn and stretch your hip flexors. I suggest you get a copy of the Kama Sutra for this one.

3) Foods

Foods to make that six minutes last longer (yes, I do seem fixated on that one). There are food that can help a man increase his sexual stamina – figs, oysters, celery, blueberries, peanuts, bananas, garlic and even chocolate.

4) “Core-gasm” (I had to steal his word, it’s just too good.)

This is a two-fer, because if you focus on your core and pelvic floor during sex, it will strengthen your abs and firm up your six-pack, as well as intensifying or even inducing orgasm.

5) Do it the other way around.

Instead of using sex as exercise, why not exercise FOR sex? Williams cites studies that show the way to more active sex lives, faster orgasms (who wants those?) and easy arousal is exercise!

Women seem to like getting down more often after about 20 minutes of vigorous exercise, as well. Men, meanwhile, seem to get a jolt in testosterone after exercise, which can lead to more sex.

I think the take-away here (besides the fact that half the men out there can only last six minutes) is that sex may not help you burn calories, but exercise might just make your sex better.

Image Credit: ESTUDI M6 / Shutterstock

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