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February 2, 2013

Deer Reader Is News Eye Candy

The trend of more good-looking apps on Android continues. The latest example of an elegant news reading app that I stumbled across is Deer Reader. Much like Press, it is a smooth, pleasant application for browsing through one’s RSS feed.

It takes a different approach when compared to Press, Google Currents, Flipboard and other news readers. Applications like Currents and Flipboard attempt to transform your preferences into a digital magazine. The concept is more about discovery and long-form reading.

With Deer Reader, there are several great-looking layout options. There are four core layouts to choose from, with an option of getting news updates through the Android Notification Center. For those who really want to get fancy can try out the tablet-optimized user interface on a device such as the Nexus 7.

With Google Reader, and to some extent Press, the focus is on power users who want to quickly digest the smorgasbord of feeds one may collect. For example, I use my Google Reader account to follow a variety of software update blogs and various miscellaneous informational feeds. Such content does not always lend itself to being presented in a magazine-style format. On Deer Reader many of these feeds lose the gloss, as they are dominated by the stock images supplied by the application.

This is why, for my personal usage, I give a slight edge to Press, as it allows me to navigate those feeds I want to blast through rather quickly. However, I recognize I am usually an outlier when it comes to my geekery, so Deer Reader may be the optimal solution for many readers.

If nothing else, Deer Reader demonstrates the trend of well-designed apps on Android. Applications no longer need to be an uglier and weaker functioning clone of an iOS version.

Deer Reader is $1.29 on Google Play. A free version is available to try it out, without the customizable widgets.

Image Credit: Derek Walter

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