Destruction (Part 2)
February 15, 2013

Destruction (Part 2)

Following my previous blog, my next part is about Eating Disorders, because they are self-destruction, too. Either you are fasting, over eating, or purging. These are your main 3 ED’s: Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge.

Some of you may know these eating disorders as Ana and Mia. We know that Ana (Anorexia) is when someone eats very little food or no food at all. Mia (Bulimia) is where you eat food or over eat and purge it up soon after intake because you feel bad about eating. Binge is just over eating, it is like eating for comfort and you just keep eating.

If you do not have an eating disorder, do not let somebody introduce you to one, there are healthier ways to losing weight or comforting yourself. If you do, but you have some control please talk to somebody and stop it before it is too late.

People with eating disorders can feel trapped; their mind is telling them they are fat and that they should not eat. Sometimes the person is fine till they realized how much they just ate, calorie intake, fat intake, so they purge it. You are punishing yourself for eating for being “fat.”

We usually also exercise sometimes even overdo it. Exercising for hours every day, only drinking water if that; the more sweat the better. Your body starts to change and you are losing weight; you are feeling proud and you can see the progress. Sometime they will take really cold baths because the longer you sit in it the longer you shiver and burn calories.

But then that is never enough, by the time you know it you have lost a lot of weight and you are getting closer and closer to death. Your body is starving from all the nutrients it needs to survive. You are getting headaches, dizziness, or even fainting. You become so underweight you are sent to the hospital. Hair is falling out, vision is blurry, and you are put on tubes so you can eat and breathe. It is only time before it claims your life.

There are other eating disorders such as Night Eating Syndrome (NES), Orthorexia, Over Eating, Over Exercising, and Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS).

Do not let it claim you. There are Nutritionist’s out there who can help you on your way to a good start.

Project: I want you to write down what you eat and drink so you can see your eating habits. You can see what you hate eating but you are eating it anyway. Take a look at what you do not like make a note that reminds you to change that item of food or drink to something healthier. Maybe even write down if you exercised and what you did. Do this at the end of the week so you are prepared for the new week.

I want you to know you are perfect the way you are and to be careful of the Pro Ana and Pro Mia websites. “Stand in the rain. Stand your ground.”

Stay Strong <3

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