February 9, 2013

Devil Found In Russian Lake

Throughout the course of history, there have been many accounts of sightings and encounters with crazy fantastical creatures. Greek myths, old folk tales and even the Biblical age have boasted the existence of creatures the likes of Pegasus, Cerberus and leviathans. Even our recent history tends to dabble with unknown creatures and monsters like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or even UFO’s. These monsters have never been spotted, captured or found on a grand scale, so I’m going to leave those as open cases.  Sure, maybe some of those monsters may have been photographed, or even turned out to be total hoaxes, but the process and events in which the photographs have been taken is just as much of a mystery as the monsters themselves. The same goes for the process on how the hoaxes were uncovered.

It seems that the case may be closed for a Russian lake monster that has been a part of its history since, well… as long as they have been recording the history of the lake.

The lake itself is named Lake Labynkyr and has been subject to some pretty weird events and happenings. For generations, there has been a local legend of the “Devil of Lake Labynkyr”. This has never been discussed or described in any other detail except that a beast lurks underwater in the infamous lake. Sightings of this monster have plagued this area ever since.

This legend actually has some meat to it. reports the region around the lake freezes solid during the harsh winters in Russia, but the lake somehow manages to stay fluid and never freeze. Scientists have been puzzled over this weird phenomenon for ages and still have not discovered how the lake maintains a temperature of 36 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius) every year during the Russian winters. (Seriously, go ahead and Google the winters in Russia. Those things are tough!).

That makes the whole devil thing plausible, since if there is one down there it would be all warm and toasty.

Earlier in the week reported that a team of scientists from the Russian Geographical Society claimed they found the remains of said devil creature. This discovery, however, occurred sometime last year. Using a large underwater scanner, and a crew consisting of various members from neighboring broadcasting companies and Universities, the scientists scaled to the bottom of the lake and found a large jawbone and skeleton of an unidentified creature.

The website states that an associate professor of biogeography at Moscow State University, Ludmila Emeliyanova, who was part of this crew, used sonar readings to reveal such large objects at the bottom of the lake.

This may coincide with a similar event that occurred at the lake around 60 years prior. The Siberian Times reported that in 1953 a geologist crew directed by Viktor Tverdokhlebov sighted a large underwater sea creature.

Do the two findings that stand over a half century apart lead to one huge and cryptic conclusion?

No one knows what it is, but the true believers are already saying it is the great lake beast of the legends that have been synonymous with the lake and its weird behavioral patterns.

Don’t worry, with all this praise the skeptics had to jump out and voice their opinions as well, saying that this could be a giant pike since the lake temperatures are so favorable in allowing it to grow and thrive.

What do you guys think? Is this a fabled lake monster or is it just a fish with the right genes and habitat?

Only time will tell, I’ll keep you posted.

Image Credit: Jaroslaw Grudzinski / Shutterstock

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