January 2, 2013

Devil’s Playground (Part 1)

What comes to mind when we think of the devil? A red skinned entity with horns, a tail, and carrying a pitchfork? Well, this is how he is portrayed in movies, comics, and yes even eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen him, describe him in this way. What about the saying that person is possessed by the devil, this gets to much glory for what it really is. Granted there has been documented accounts of demonic possessions in real live and also in almost every horror flick, but mainly it means the person is just plain up to no good and the devil has nothing to do with it.

Not only people can be possessed, but items and locations can be also. As far as items go, dolls could be considered highest on the list, but I am not going to go into that aspect of demonic possessions, the list is far to long. So let’s gander a few places that either claim to be haunted, or just have that demonic name, the devil.

Devil’s Island

This is an island 9 miles of the coast of French Guiana in South America. From 1852 – 1953 it was a French penal colony for the worst prisoners. This island was under heavy scrutiny for the unsanitary conditions, diseases’, and prisoner on prisoner violence. The water around the island was shark infested and the shore line was so treacherous escape was rarely attempted. Of the 80,000 plus prisoners sentenced in the 101 years the prison was in operation, very few survived and made it back to the mainland. To this day the island is closed to the public. Who knows, with all the deaths that happened on that 34 acre island, just maybe the devil really possesses it.

Devil’s Tramping Ground

Located near the Harper’s crossroads, near Bennett, North Carolina, setting 150 feet from the road is a 40 ft circle called the devil’s tramping ground. This area is free from any grass, trees, bushes, and vegetation of any kind. It is said the devil himself on certain nights paces around the circle singeing the ground with his fiery hoofs, conjuring up dastardly deeds to befall humanity. People who have stayed the night within the circle have gone insane, items left within the evil ring will be moved. Dogs whimper and whine refusing to come anywhere near the area. Could this circle be a gateway for the devil or is this just a fabricated legend?

Devil’s Peak

Devil’s peak is located in Cape Town, South Africa, with a summit of 3,281 feet. Originally known as Wind-Berg, but came to be known as Devil’s Peak from a 19th century translation from the Dutch Duiwels Kop derived from an old folk tale about Jan Van Hunks. He was a heavy pipe smoker and his wife did not allow him to smoke at home so he would go to the mountain and smoke on the slops to relieve his habit. While he was there one day a stranger who was also a smoker joined him. Soon bragging began of who was the better smoker, so a smoking contest unfolded and the air became filled with a heavy cloud of smoke that covered the entire mountain. Jan Van Hunks won the contest and the stranger was actually the devil trying to win Jan’s soul. Was this just a tale or was the stranger really the devil?

Devil’s Garden

The term devil’s garden is the name for a large group of trees in the Amazon rainforest where virtually all the trees are the same species. It stands out from the rest of the forest because of the dominance of that single tree species in one area. Devil’s Garden got its name from Chullachaki (Peruvian Devil) an evil spirit who lives within the forest. This spirit is a shape shifter and will take the form of an animal and lead hunters deep into forest so they cannot find their way back. It will sometimes take the form of long lost family member and convince the victim to follow and lead them through the jungle into a trap. In its natural form it is a small creature that locals have claimed it to be responsible for many human deaths within the tribe.

Could this be the devil in another form, or just a legend?

Legends are born from stories and myths passed down through generations.

This has been part one of the devil’s playground, join me next time for part two, in Supernatural Endeavors.


Image Credit: Linda Bucklin / Shutterstock

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