DiCaprio To Play Rasputin
June 16, 2013

DiCaprio To Play Rasputin

Django Unchained antagonist actor Leonardo Dicaprio is in line to play the man himself, Grigorio Rasputin, for a script about the Russian mythic written by Jason Hall (Paranoia, American Sniper). This bit of news got me all jittery because A.) I love seeing Dicaprio work and B.) Grigorio Rasputin is my favorite all-time historical person to read about.

For those of you who don’t know, Grigorio Rasputin was instrumental to the Romanovs in the final years, before the execution of the Royal Family by an obvious hit squad. Russia was in a state of peril around World War 1. As Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra worried about their son, Rasputin dropped in as a psychic and faith healer to change the tides of history. Rasputin was known for being a mystic through unexplainable circumstances, and was regarded by many as a psychic and a faith healer. Ironically that didn’t mean that Rasputin was any the farther away from Christianity, although he did have a very simple way of explaining his beliefs in the bible.

After healing the Czar’s son of hemophilia, the Russian royal family became convinced that Rasputin was sent from heaven to advise and lead their country back into paradise. Unfortunately, that vision was short lived as the Russian military continued to make one terrible tactic after another in the war against Germany. In losing millions upon millions of soldiers in combat by the year, the public became convinced that the Czar had both lost his way and was on the course of driving the country into the ground.

Not only this, but Rasputin’s reputation as a horny-hairy dog (among accounts of him raping a nun) with the ladies didn’t help much when it came to proving his worth to Russian intelligence. Convinced that Rasputin was Satin, his execution was ordered swiftly.

And here’s where it gets interesting.

The first assassination attempt on his life came by way of the assassin Khiona Guseva, a disciple of the monk Iliodor. Both Rasputin and Iliodor were good friends at some point, but Iliodor grew disgusted with Rasputin’s treatment of women and the way he talked about the Royal family. After eight months of intensive care from being stabbed in the abdomen by Guseva, Rasputin recovered.

A group of nobles led my Prince Felix Yusupov, the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, and Vladimir Purishkevich lured Rasputin into Yusupov’s palace with promises of his wife’s presence. His wife wasn’t actually in the palace. They fed him cake and wine laced with Cyanide, enough to kill five men, and yet Rasputin did not react in any way. What followed is only regarded as myth, as Rasputin was reported to have been shot multiple times, stabbed, and even having his penis dismembered.

They’d wrapped his body in a rug and dumped him in the Neva River. The autopsy revealed that his cause of death was simply drowning, but what’s even more peculiar is that his body was recovered from a group of workers in Saints Petersburg. They’d burned the remains in the woods, but because of them not cutting the tendons and muscles at the ankles and waist; his body appeared to be sitting up as he burned. This only supported the claim that Rasputin was the anti-Christ.

Good luck, DiCaprio; you got a lot of ass beatings to take before you’re morally viable for this role.

Image Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com

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