Did You Buy An iPad Air? Apple Will Make It Obsolete By March
November 9, 2013

Did You Buy An iPad Air? Apple Will Make It Obsolete By March

Apple got weird on us last year. Remember that? They launched the third generation iPad in the spring, just as they had always done, but they didn’t really have anything to call it. It wasn’t the iPad 3, the natural successor to the iPad 2. It had a new Retina Display (finally) and LTE connectivity, but even that was the source of some controversy once some Aussies discovered their newer, faster iPads didn’t work on LTE networks Down Under.


Apple turns around and has an announcement several months later to announce not just a new Mac Mini and pregnant iMacs, but also that long-rumored iPad mini and…a brand new iPad. The people were scratching their heads, customers who had finally saved up their money to buy a new iPad weeks before were furious; oh, you should have been there. We’d find out later, of course, that the third gen may have had some performance issues, what with asking that A5X chip to fuel a large Retina Display and all. Consumer Reports, you may remember, claimed the thing was burning their hands clean off, as well. Then the thing was late arriving to China; boy, what a fustercluck.

Point is, in about six month’s time, Apple ditched the third gen iPad like a bad habit and jumped on the new hotness. Now some analysts and People Familiar With The Matter say Apple’s going to do even worse and introduce a larger screen iPad in March, just five months away.

Do you like that new iPad Air you just picked up? You might hate it pretty soon. According to Chinese site PadNews, Foxconn is working on an 11.4- and 12.9-inch model to be released early next year, when iPads are meant to be released.

(Sorry, I don’t know what just happened…)

This is old news, of course. We hear details all the time about Apple working on this and that, but it’s never known if they’ll actually bring these things to market. Apple’s move to 64-bit architecture only added fuel to the larger iPad fire, however.

(Apologies to Amazon.)

Thanks to the powerful A7 chip, (which has been shown to be a beast in the iPad Air) Apple could go one of two ways in the future:
They could either use an ARM chip in their new line of MacBooks to make them even thinner and more power efficient, or they could scrap the form factor altogether and release larger iPad models. Going this route would anger some customers, most notably the pros, to no end…but Apple’s never been one to look professionals in the face and tell them where they can stick it.
(The Firewire port.)

These are only rumors, of course…but can you imagine the outrage of some customers if just months after receiving the latest iPad for the holidays they see a new, later tablet they’d much rather have?

I’m not saying the anger will be well-placed, I just know how people work. They like to get angry about all sorts of stuff.

Image Credit: 1000 Words / Shutterstock.com

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