Did You Know Sony Had A SmartWatch?
June 22, 2013

Did You Know Sony Had A SmartWatch?

Recently, something strange has been going on at the official Sony Xperia Twitter account. In between tweets about the upcoming Smurfs movie and the waterproof casing of the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, there are some interesting messages about being the first company to produce wearable tech…and smartwatches.

The whole thing leads up to next week’s Mobile Asia Expo (MAE) where, it can safely be assumed, Sony will release some sort of follow up to their existing SmartWatch, which was released last year.

“Wearable tech is in our DNA. Remember WALKMAN, now…?” reads a Tweet from the Sony Xperia Twitter account, complete with a picture from the 80’s of a Baywatch Jeep-yellow walkman.

Yes, I know…Baywatch is more 90’s than 80’s, but the point I’m trying to make is this: how bold is it of Sony to claim that a cassette player is “wearable tech.”

Sure, it kind of was when it first emerged, but when compared to a smartwatch, it feels like a Pet Rock.

The account then goes on to claim: “One in three smartphone users want smart wrist wear. #itstime #MAE13.”

Next: “Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock #itstime #MAE13.”

Gee, I wonder what Sony’s going to announce next week.

Still unsure? How about this gem four hours later?

“Pocket watch / wristwatch / digital watch / LiveView / SmartWatch / ? #itstime #MAE13”

These Tweets remind me so much of that Windows Phone commercial featuring a wedding brawl between iPhone and Samsung fanatics.

Sony has had a fancy watch since 2007 by their own account. In 2010, they released a non-touch version which was mostly panned by critics. They replaced it with the Xperia SmartWatch last year, likely to make sure they got the rights on the most literal name of what could be a burgeoning industry. Smart move, Sony.

Yet when we begin to talk about smartwatches or wearable computing, we immediately think of two, possibly three devices: Google Glass, the rumored and so far fictional iWatch, and Pebble.

There are others, sure, but those are the three we always think of first.

That Sony has to remind us that there’s already a smartwatch from a major company on the market means one thing: they’ve already failed.

Which means this entire Twitter tease serves no other purpose than to remind the world that, yes, Sony still makes so many things that you can’t possibly remember them all.

It’s yet to be seen if Apple will even enter this market.

Hell, it’s yet to be seen if Google, LG, Microsoft or Samsung will enter this market. Faithful readers of the ‘sauce (hi, Mom) are already quite aware of my feelings about smartwatches.

Suffice to say, Sony is certainly gearing up to release a new smartwatch, one that would almost certainly fit in with their existing line up of Xperia products.

We can also assume that it will do what we already expect a device such as this to do, like deliver alerts to the phone, display messages, control music, and keep track of the miles we’ve ran.

This is all well and good, and Sony may release a banger of a product next week at the Mobile Asia Expo.

But they’ve already started the conversation by reminding us that they’ve already got a product on the market.

And they’ve claimed the Walkman as their pedigree into wearable tech.

I’d say they have much farther to climb than Apple or even Microsoft does.

Image Credit: tankist276 / Shutterstock

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