Did You Say A Python Pizza?
February 12, 2014

Did You Say A Python Pizza?

Who doesn’t love pizza? I mean, come on. Gooey, bubbling cheese atop delicious, rich tomato sauce smothered on perfectly cooked crust. Oh baby…mouths have got to watering. And for those who are not into the pureness of just cheese pizza, add on the meats and veggies and yumminess. Pizza is just the best. And throughout the years, pizza parlors have really experimented. I remember the first time I had a Hawaiian pizza, sans the ham, of course. I could not get over the taste of fruit on pizza. It just did not work for me. Perhaps if I were a meat eater the ham and pineapple really combine for something special. Pizza is really a dish with endless possibilities. People can really get creative.

And creative is definitely what one Florida pizza place did. According to Inquisitr, Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza now serves up a pie that definitely strikes the exotic: it has meat from the Burmese python on it. Yes, that seems to be quite a delicacy for pizza epicureans.

Now, the Burmese python is not native to Florida, but the state is a bit overrun with the snakes since their introduction. Some people have gotten the snakes as pets only to find that they get too big, so they release the snakes into the wild. The Inquisitr article explains that it is estimated that Florida has tens of thousands of the snakes in the wild. I guess they had to do something with the slithering reptiles.

So Evan Daniell, owner of Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza, decided to run with it. At first, it was just meant to be a creative way to create talk about the pizza joint. It turns out that

the frog legs and gator pizza that Evan’s had first just wasn’t exotic enough for locals, and tourists love both the python pizza, also dubbed the Everglades Pizza, and the frog legs and gator because, well, who doesn’t love a pizza of its own kind?

The Inquisitr wrote,

“’We’ve actually averaged one to two a month,’ Evan told the News-Press.com back in 2012. ‘It’s a mix. Locals who are used to the idea of frog legs and gator, and tourists who want to try something completely different.’”

And since this pizza pie adds up to a whopping $45, it must be something special. I barely like paying $10 for a pie, so $45 better be an amazing party in my mouth.

Now, I must say that I am a pizza purest. I love just a plain cheese pie; no frills, no exotic flavors, just plain ol’ crust, sauce, and cheese thrills me most. However, I am slightly intrigued at the creativity of a frog legs and gator pie and the Everglades Pizza. I would not want to actually eat either one of them, but, well, I am a vegetarian. But I can’t say that I’m not in the least bit interested to see how they look.

And we have to applaud Evan’s for taking what they find locally and running with those. The Burmese python may not be a natural inhabitant of Florida, but the snakes are there due to human influence, so I guess they are thinking local, right? These two pies are creative, albeit weird, ways to take the classic, beloved pizza a new direction. Gotta give props to that!

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