DISH Network Transfers Could Be A Game Changer
November 26, 2013

DISH Network Transfers Could Be A Game Changer

Missing TV shows sucks. Sure, we all know someone who says, “I don’t really watch TV,” as if to really say, “I’m superior to you slaves of mindless entertainment.” As someone who is fairly active and works out regularly I personally take offense that TV is something for coach potatoes only. It is also far from mindless or somehow an inferior form of entertainment.

As a self-professed TV junkie I enjoy this “lean back” form of entertainment as much as, actually more than, the “lean forward” form of entertainment of video games. As an adult I’m also continuingly envious of the technology available today that I had to wait years for, and this includes time shifting via DVR.

Missing TV shows is really so 1990’s.

Now DISH Network has taken it a step further with its place or location shifting. DISH is introducing Android and iOS apps that will upgrade its DISH Anywhere service.

As a business traveler, I’ve loved the functionality of a DVR, which enabled me to catch up on my shows when I am back home. DISH made it better as it allows me to watch content on my DVR anywhere I can find Wi-Fi access. Trust me with this, I tend not to mind waiting at the airport, and in fact the airport is great because of the usually free, reliable Wi-Fi that allows me to catch up before I board my flight.

What this upgrade means is that I will soon see my shows not only available where I have Wi-Fi access but I’ll be able to push the content to my Samsung Galaxy Tab for viewing after the plane takes off, as well. Give me a few minutes with Wi-Fi and I can quickly download the shows to my device.

This will essentially combine the functionality of DISH Anywhere with Hopper Transfers, which allows recorded programs on the DISH Hopper DVR with Sling to be moved to mobile devices. The Hopper Transfers app is currently available for Apple iPads and will be soon be available for other iOS and Android devices by the end of the year, which comes just in time for the New Year trade shows (which unfortunately overlap with the new season of Downtown Abbey).

“Responding to subscribers who want an even easier way to fully utilize the capabilities of the Hopper with Sling, today, we’re announcing an overhaul of the DISH Anywhere app,” said Vivek Khemka, senior vice president, product management at DISH in a statement. “By year’s end, Hopper with Sling users will be able to remotely watch live and recorded shows and transfer recorded programs to their iOS and Android devices, all within the new DISH Anywhere app.”

The best part about the timing of this is that the FAA has now instituted new rules that allow me to keep using my tablet during takeover and landing. This way I can pretty much watch TV from gate to gate! What could be better than that, except for those upgrades to business and first class I so crave?

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