Disney Releasing New Mickey Mouse Shorts
March 14, 2013

Disney Releasing New Mickey Mouse Shorts

Ahh, Mickey Mouse, he’s quite the busy one, isn’t he? From putting an entire corporation on his back, to passing out hugs at your local Disney theme park, he’s done it all. Everyone knows who he is and everyone has a personal favorite skit or short of his. I’m sure Disney has pushed out a lot of movies recently, and even has some more on the way, with Monsters University being at the top of the must-see list. That’s all well and good, but that film is being made by PIXAR and all the other movies that are highly anticipated from Disney don’t have anything to do with the mouse that started it all. Iron Man 3, Avengers 2 and the new Star Wars flicks are very welcome in the Disney catalogue, but they aren’t really the heir to the throne for the classic studio.

Where has Mickey been all of this time? Has he been flying around with Peter Pan? Has he been plotting about the next big purchase of a major monument to popular culture? Or has he been spending all of this time two-stepping with Walt Disney?

Well, those might be good questions and more than likely what he may do in the future. As for now, he’s going through what many beings his age go through: a mid-life crisis. He’s recapturing his youth and returning to the days of old, when it was all good.

Disney has announced that the company will be producing 19 animated shorts starring none other than Mickey Mouse himself um… in the flesh.

The barrage of animated goodness will start on June 28, 2013, premiering on the Disney channel, the Disney website and all other outlets that the Studio Sees fit.

As a little teaser, Disney has premiered one of the new shorts, Croissant de Triomphe, today in order to help entice your appetite.

The short is roughly three and a half minutes long, but stuffed full of goodness and Disney inside jokes to tickle your memory banks.

The one problem is that the entire short is in French, but the only region it is available in is the United States (at least at this time).

Other than that, everything else is fantastic, including the art style which is mostly Cartoon Modern. The animation is so smooth, you won’t believe it’s Flash. The short has a lot of heart, but it easily gets the point across (and I watched this movie in French!).

If you want to take a look at this then you can view it here.

Mickey has come a long way from his Steamboat Willie days. Disney has become an empire and so much so that it has the power to buy other empires, but I’m glad the company still manages to keep the heart of that it has been famously known for.

I guess Disney Studios have learned a lesson this past Academy Awards season with the success of what was Paperman; it’s always good to return to your roots every now and then.

Maybe 19 films is a bit of overkill, but I think a studio the likes of Disney can manage to spread the heart and soul of the brand into each and every one of them.

Image Credit: Disney

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